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LiveVox Outbound Voice Advantages:

Reach your customers how they want to be reached and see your engagement skyrocket!

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Optimize the balance between risk and efficiency

Manage today’s regulatory requirements with the option of three manual and one automated outbound dialing system. Each system has different combinations of risk and productivity to fit your specific business needs.

Simplify compliance management

Leverage comprehensive compliance controls that simplify how you address TCPA, FDCPA and other regulations. All controls are configured on-demand and can be implemented across your in-house or outsourced operations.

Enjoy proactive expertise

We actively invest in monitoring regulatory and legal developments. LiveVox has an unparalleled record for risk mitigation in the marketplace with our battle-tested TCPA court rulings.

Manual Dialer

Manual dialing enables you to easily launch outbound calls while keeping compliance in mind. It’s recommended for giving your agents maximum flexibility in an account ownership model.

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Automated (Auto) Dialer

Automated dialing maximizes agent performance and minimizes agent idle time. It is also recommended for improving contact rates.

Human Call Initiator®

Our Human Call Initiator® gives you the ability to improve agent productivity by 184% over manual dialing while achieving some of the highest levels of TCPA risk mitigation. It’s recommended for outreach where cell phone consent is uncertain.

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Preview-All Image


Preview-All provides your agents with relevant insights before they contact customers to enable more personalized talk-offs. It’s recommended for agents that need time to prepare before speaking to high-touch, high-value contacts.

Phone Dial Attempt Supervisor (PDAS)

All of our outbound systems come equipped with basic contact attempt controls. Take compliance one step further with PDAS, which allows you to configure complex contact attempt controls at the account and phone number level across your in-house and outsourced operations.

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Enhance Your Outbound Voice Software with LiveVox Bundles

LiveVox’s Robust Solutions for Performance and Efficiency

Fully Integrated Tools

Cloud IVR Bundle

Improve Your Inbound Customer Experience

Deliver an exceptional customer experience while staying efficient. Self-service, automation, and intelligent routing is the answer to thriving in today’s environment.

Two-Way Messaging Bundle

Engage Your Customers In a Clear and Memorable Way

Stay competitive by seamlessly messaging your customers when and how they want to communicate.

Why LiveVox?

Learn why leading contact centers chose LiveVox for their Omnichannel, CRM, AI, and Workforce Engagement Management solutions.

Frictionless Agent & Customer Experiences

Easily improve customer service and shift customer engagement between voice and digital channels while unifying all interaction history, customer profile information, and controls into a tailored agent desktop that improves effectiveness and speed.

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One Unified Platform

All LiveVox contact center operations are accessed via a single, secure cloud-based platform, allowing for a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and decision-makers.

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Comprehensive Risk Mitigation

LiveVox simplifies risk management with embedded compliance controls spanning CTIA, CAN-SPAM, CFPB, PCI, and other compliance-related considerations.

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Easy Integration

Supplement rather than replace your existing systems of record and CRMs using our simplified API approach, so agents get up and running quickly.

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Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Drive performance and stay on top of security requirements with a TCO model that also avoids unnecessary technology, minimizes the need for costly professional services, and offloads security costs.

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A Partnership You Can Trust

LiveVox contact center solutions will support your unique business goals with a continuously evolving platform, in-depth training, dedicated account managers, our Customer Care Team, and Business Consulting sessions.

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LiveVox is proud to be both PCI and SOC 2 Compliant.

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