CRM software for unified and lucrative relationships

Give your agents the tools they need to provide seamless conversations

  • Unified customer profiles to enable agents to maintain conversation across any channel
  • Consent tracking to ensure adherence to the latest regulatory requirements and customer preferences
  • Easily accessed full channel and communication history to give your agents extensive customer information and sentiment
  • Contact Management that is easy to filter helping agents find customers with specific journeys to increase relevance and profitability

Gone are the days of cold transfers and frustrated clients.

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LiveVox Virtual Agent APIs

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LiveVox vs. Other Platforms

A CRM made for contact centers

Avoid unnecessary features and add-on windows that come with traditional approaches to CRM. LiveVox’s CRM pulls together the data needed to help agents meet customer expectations across all channels.

Foster tighter bonds with agents so they can do the same with customers

Agents want to be productive. Enable them to do their jobs better and more efficiently with a tool that connects everything they need into a configurable desktop that quiets the noise.

Maintain your existing CRMs or systems of record

LiveVox enables you to leverage your existing data in our modern CRM, supplementing rather than replacing your existing systems to create better customer experiences.

    Unified CRM Image

    Unified CRM

    Close the cross-channel gap with a single pane of glass that centralizes and standardizes key customer and interaction data across all channels & applications into a single database, creating unified customer profiles with insight across the entire customer journey. Based on universal profiles, managers can easily deploy digital campaigns quickly from a single desktop and create custom fields, filters, multichannel workflows and agent scripts on the fly.


    Configurable Agent Desktop Image

    Configurable Agent Desktops

    The job of an agent is getting harder. Create a desktop that improves agent experience by making it easy for them to fulfill customer expectations. Enable agents to deliver great experiences consistently and efficiently with a desktop that is curated specifically to their role and is enriched with key consumer information such as multichannel contact history, ticketing status, and other relevant details. 

    Agent Scripting Image

    Agent Scripting

    Scale and standardize interactions with flexible agent scripting. Agent scripts are presented directly in the agent desktop alongside consumer profile information to help agents personalize their conversations. Scripts can be automatically presented to the agent based on specific consumer attributes and can contain conditional logic.

    Ticketing Image


    LiveVox’s integrated ticketing system consolidates all relevant service activities into a threaded view that is linked to the customer account record. Contact centers can effectively track, easily transfer, and seamlessly respond in a multichannel environment to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


    Consent Management Image

    Consent Management

    Simplify how you manage multichannel consent by empowering agents & managers to track customer preference changes on every communication channel. All outreach engagement (mass and individual interactions) adhere to the customer’s consent status and adjust in real-time when their preferences change. 

    Enhance Your SMS Software with LiveVox Bundles

    LiveVox’s Robust Solutions to Create Easy, Compliant Conversations

    Fully Integrated Tools

    Inbound Contact Center Bundle

    Maximize Visibility and Optimize Service

    Meet today’s increasingly high customer expectations with a platform that connects channels, tickets and dashboards for maximum visibility and memorable customer interactions.

    Outbound Campaigns & Compliance Bundle

    Differentiate with Compliance and Scale

    Perfect your outbound communications with the power of a unified platform and get maximum compliance all in one package.

    Two-Way Messaging Bundle

    Engage Your Customers In a Clear and Memorable Way

    Stay competitive by seamlessly messaging your customers when and how they want to communicate.

    Our Customers

    Our customers use LiveVox’s easy-to-use contact center platform to deliver exceptional agent and customer experiences while reducing compliance risk.

    “Nobody touches our members or impacts the profitability of my organization more than LiveVox. It’s low cost, highly effective, easy to use, and lets me focus on teaching my staff how to run the business. So many of our members are world travelers, and now we can reach them wherever they are.”

    —Anthony Warden | VP of Contact Center, Texas Dow Credit Union

    “Prior to LiveVox, we were using several different applications across voice, email, and SMS. With LiveVox, all of our channels are on a single platform, providing our agents with the insight they needed to immediately identify and service the customer, regardless of the channel.”

    —Tom Nusspickel | COO, American First Finance

    “LiveVox was key in helping us to adapt not only by making the shift to work from home easy, but also the incorporation of new channels. Their ability to provide flexibility for us as a business allows us to pass that on to how we service patients.”

    —Nathan Allen | Senior Vice President — Eligibility Practice Team Leader, MedAssist

    Why LiveVox?

    Learn why leading contact centers chose LiveVox for their Omnichannel, CRM, AI, and Workforce Engagement Management solutions.

    Frictionless Agent & Customer Experiences

    Easily improve customer service and shift customer engagement between voice and digital channels while unifying all interaction history, customer profile information, and controls into a tailored agent desktop that improves effectiveness and speed.

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    One Unified Platform

    All LiveVox contact center operations are accessed via a single, secure cloud-based platform, allowing for a seamless experience for agents, supervisors, and decision-makers.

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    Comprehensive Risk Mitigation

    LiveVox simplifies risk management with embedded compliance controls spanning CTIA, CAN-SPAM, CFPB, PCI, and other compliance-related considerations.

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    Easy Integration

    Supplement rather than replace your existing systems of record and CRMs using our simplified API approach, so agents get up and running quickly.

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    Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    Drive performance and stay on top of security requirements with a TCO model that also avoids unnecessary technology, minimizes the need for costly professional services, and offloads security costs.

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    A Partnership You Can Trust

    LiveVox contact center solutions will support your unique business goals with a continuously evolving platform, in-depth training, dedicated account managers, our Customer Care Team, and Business Consulting sessions.

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    LiveVox is proud to be both PCI and SOC 2 Compliant.

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