November 9, 2022

Is Omnichannel Communication the Missing Link in CX Continuity?

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Is Omnichannel Communication the Missing Link in CX Continuity?

The definition of a positive customer experience has evolved over the last few decades. Call centers must strive to meet customers’ needs in new ways now that various channels of communication have become available. Staying competitive is important. This is especially true since companies are constantly looking for ways to stay at the forefront of customers’ minds. 

One way a call center can set itself up for success is by achieving  more personalized interactions. Customers don’t want to feel like a number. Agents should be able to address them by their name and quickly reference relevant notes in their backgrounds. This promotes a more genuine interaction. Call centers should strive to continually provide an enhanced customer experience. Giving agents the right tools they need to get to know their customers is the first step in the right direction. 

When trying to contact a company, customers have choices. They can now opt for email, webchat, SMS, or phone. The wide variety of channels may make data organization seem chaotic. A well-functioning call center should have smooth workflows for agents. To keep everyone on the same page, agents should have insight into other channels and different workflows for the most up to date information. The solution requires an omnichannel communication platform that integrates across channels. It should also be able to pull data from a CRM and other apps to help agents perform their jobs. 

Customer and agent interactions are much smoother when an agent has all the information they need

Customer and agent interactions are much smoother when an agent has all the information they need. Agents can quickly scan communication history, identify the reason for the call, and absorb any other pertinant information. It promotes an overall better and seamless customer experience. LiveVox’s Omnichannel Platform connects to multiple data sources and allows agents to provide better assistance. Here are a few examples of how integrating channels with CRM data and other workflows can enhance the customer experience.

Real records of recent contact

Customers often use different channels of communication to reach out to a company. Many times it’s about the same issue. They may start off by using SMS to ask a question, but end up needing to talk to an agent over the phone. In order to avoid a disjointed customer experience, agents should have visibility into recent contact from every channel. 

Having access to that information allows agents to tailor the conversation to the customer’s needs straight away. An interaction like this helps strengthen the customer relationship by improving rapport. However, sometimes one channel of communication may not be configured to send or receive real-time contact updates. This may prevent agents from providing a positive customer experience. With LiveVox’s Omnichannel Platform, agents can quickly pick up where a customer last left off via chat, email, SMS, or voice. Each mode of communication is recorded into the customers’ history. A threaded view of previous conversations gives agents better context into every interaction, reminding customers of their value to a company.

Channel preference updates

Customer communication preferences can often change. If an agent is unaware of recent changes, they risk contacting a customer through the wrong channel. This can result in frustration on both ends. For example, if a customer wishes to change their preference from phone to text, they can update that information online through webchat. If the webchat cannot immediately sync up with a call center’s CRM, workflows can become disrupted. An unknowing agent could accidentally upset a customer by calling them after they’ve changed their communication preferences to text. 

Updates that a customer makes to their channel preferences via their account online should be immediately reflected on the CRM. When omnichannel platforms and workflows are in sync, agents can be kept up to date about their customer’s preferences.

Continuous visibility

Access to different workflows is important for omnichannel communication platforms. The LiveVox platform can integrate with other third-party apps that agents use. This provides them with useful information that may not be within their scope of work. For example, if a customer were to reach out via webchat about a technical problem, a customer service agent could take a look at their support ticket history. 

The agent can gain a better understanding of the situation and see if there is any way they can help.This insight is valuable because it gives agents more context and can help them empathize with the customer. If nothing needs to be done by the answering agent, they can explain the situation to whoever they must transfer the customer to before actually transferring them over. This further enhances the customer experience.

Channel performance monitoring

Keeping track of important metrics involving agent performance and customer satisfaction is crucial to keeping optimal workflows within the call center. Omnichannel communication platforms should be able to integrate with a call center’s business analytics tool in order to communicate data reports to management. 

Keeping track of important metrics involving agent performance and customer satisfaction is crucial to keeping optimal workflows within the call center

LiveVox’s Business Intelligence solution pulls data from all sources of communication to compile reports of varying topics. Before omnichannel communication platforms were an option, customers primarily spoke to agents over the phone. Now, management can easily identify patterns in customer behavior across multiple channels. For example, BI reports can show that customers may choose to email agents about one specific topic while opting to call in for a different one. Data could also show that a specific problem has customers texting in at first, only to usually resolve with a phone call. Information like this can help management strategize more efficiently when it comes to scheduling, assignments, and hiring.

Enhanced agent experience

The greater visibility provided by a clear pathway of flowing information results in less stressed agents. Without the right tools, agents may feel frustrated trying to help customers. A significant problem that results when two platforms do not communicate with each other is siloed data. This can result in mistakes simply because agents aren’t seeing what they need to in other platforms. Tools given to agents should be able to smoothly integrate with other workflows. When agents are confident about their abilities, the customer experience is improved. 

Omnichannel communication is one step towards an improved customer experience. Ensure that your call center leverages its omnichannel platform to the fullest extent. LiveVox’s Omnichannel and Unified platform solutions are designed to provide customers with a smooth journey. Learn more about LiveVox’s Omnichannel platform here

Frequently asked questions

How can an omnichannel platform improve CX?

An omnichannel platform can improve CX in numerous ways such as by providing a recent record of contact, channel preference updates, continuous visibility into interactions, insight into channel performance, and an improved agent experience.

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