October 12, 2018

Introducing the LiveVox [U] Series: A Practical Path to ROI-Driven Digital Engagement

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The contact center industry faces a dramatic shift as tech leaders such as Google and Amazon accelerate innovation beyond multichannel connections and into new realms of digital engagement such as Chatbots / AI. As a result, customer expectations for more personalized, instantaneous interactions across multiple channels are increasing faster than ever — leaving the vast majority of contact centers struggling to keep up.

To help contact centers navigate and succeed in this new era, LiveVox introduces the “LiveVox [U] Series” – a practical and incremental path for contact centers to evolve their operations from primarily voice-based strategies to ROI-driven digital engagement. Just how? Keep reading to learn more:

Achieving Successful Digital Engagement Requires the Ability to Scale Digital Training

While the evolution from voice, to multichannel, to digital engagement, represents a significant shift for contact centers, the same operational best practices still apply. At the heart of a contact center are its agents and contact center managers. The same question that one asks when driving strategy and performance in a voice channel, now needs to be asked and applied to Email, SMS, and Chatbots/AI.

To drive successful digital engagement strategies, a contact center must  be able to continually test, analyze, and train best practices across that workforce and workflow. Consider the following scenarios:

  1. How do you know which Email / SMS works best?
  2. How do you know which channel sequence works best?
  3. How do you know which agent facilitates the best Multichannel interaction?
  4. How do you know which channel will work best in a Chatbot?
  5. How do you know which logic flow will result in the best AI interaction?

LiveVox believes the path to successful digital engagement provides contact centers with the ability to identify, manage, and scale training around workflow best practices in a cross-channel environment. And more importantly, the ability to do so in a manner that is cost-effective, low-risk, and rapid. 

To achieve this, the LiveVox  [U] Series provides an environment to incrementally add channels while driving performance at each step (as seen below).

The LiveVox [U] Series Lowers the Barrier to Creating a Holistic Digital Platform

To provide a solution where digital strategies can be tested, analyzed, and trained on, simply adding new channels will not suffice. All three core capabilities of a traditional contact center – CRM, WFO, and contact channels – must evolve and function in an Omnichannel environment. In addition to upgrading these components, contact centers must also establish a deep and real-time integration across all three applications. On a single platform, contact centers can expand their operations from primarily voice strategies to ROI-driven digital engagement.

Achieving this technology overhaul has traditionally required a multi-million, multi-year effort–a high barrier to entry. The ability to finance and undertake such a large infrastructure evolution is often only feasible for businesses with large budgets and an even greater appetite for prolonged projects.

LiveVox [U] Series Offers a Better Way:   

The LiveVox [U] Series avoids this daunting path by providing a comprehensive engagement platform with Omnichannel solutions spanning CRM, WFO, and digital- automatically integrated into a single solution. Here are the components that make up the LiveVox [U] Series:

LiveVox’s [U] Series is also known as the “Unified” series for its ability to unify complex omnichannel capabilities into a single engagement platform 

OMNICHANNEL CRM (Contact Manager): LiveVox Contact Manager automatically centralizes and standardizes customer account data attributes from disparate sources. This allows contact centers to establish customer profiles across all channels.

LiveVox’s omnichannel CRM enables contact centers to effectively manage digital customer profiles such as channel preferences and comprehensive customer journeys

OMNICHANNELS / AI:  LiveVox’s customer engagement platform also includes a fully integrated digital channels. This enables contact centers to create blended multichannel workflows that are based on the customer’s digital profile on the fly, from a single desktop.

Combined with LiveVox’s Omnichannel/AI capabilities, contact centers are empowered to configure digital workflows based on changing channel preferences and facilitate customized chatbot interactions

OMNICHANNEL WFO: The most important, yet often overlooked aspect of a scalable digital strategy, is LiveVox’s 3rd component – a fully integrated omnichannel WFO/QM solution. This provides critical insights into factors contributing to digital performance, which drives best practices, compliance, and training across the workforce.

The full integration of all capabilities, including LiveVox’s Omnichannel WFO/QM solution, enables comprehensive insight into a digital workflow. For example, LiveVox provides the ability to see all the interaction details (in both audio and screen recording) of when a customer is transferred from a chatbot to an agent and the following interactions

For over a decade, contact centers have faced an increasing demand for new channels. Yet, aside for some variation of siloed adoption of SMS and Email, contact centers have primarily remained focus on voice. Today, the pressure to evolve is accelerating the need to change. The LiveVox [U] Series provides a practical path for contact centers to take on the evolution by systematically shifting their operations and culture into a digital environment starting………now.

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