February 16, 2023

How VoIP Call Center Solutions Save You Money

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How Voip Call Center Solutions Save You Money

VoIP call center solutions are a bit of a buzzword in the business world. They’re used to save money, but what does that mean? VoIP call center solutions allow your agents to make and receive calls from anywhere, which means they don’t have to be in the office for as long during their shifts or on any given day.

This can spare you from having to hire more employees (which is expensive) or having employees work overtime for free (which is not great for productivity). In addition, VoIP call center solutions allow businesses to integrate with other software applications like CRMs and ERPs with ease—saving time and money!

VoIP solutions help businesses save money

VoIP call center solutions save businesses time and money. VoIP is easy to implement, less expensive, and easier to maintain compared to an onsite PBX wired network. It’s also easier for customers to use since there are no long distance charges or disconnection fees.

  • Time savings – With VoIP you can have a live agent answer the phone with one click of the mouse rather than waiting for someone in your office to pick up the phone.
  • Cost savings – VoIP calls cost less than traditional landlines because calls are routed over the internet instead of through traditional phone lines at local exchange carriers (LECs). You can also cut costs by outsourcing certain departments or tasks that aren’t critical business functions such as shipping information or order processing.

Why Are VoIP Solutions Cheaper?

There are 5 main reasons why VoIP solutions are cheaper than the alternative:

  • Cost of hardware
  • Cost of software
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Cost of training
  • Cost of support

Less expensive hardware

With VoIP, the only equipment call centers would need is a VoIP enabled phone for every agent. However, many don’t even use that. Softphones are phones you use over the computer. All you’d need to use a softphone is a headset to get started using VoIP. Compared to traditional phone systems, a softphone or VoIP phone are far less expensive than the equipment needed for a private phone network. Installation can also be quite costly for on-site PBX systems since they require technicians familiar with the particular brand. 

Low maintenance

When a traditional PBX system experiences technical problems, call centers must arrange for a technician to come out and fix it. Same-day service may be difficult to find. The bill can add up quickly, especially with high hourly rates. Larger call centers may have to hire full-time staff to operate and maintain their PBX systems. VoIP troubleshooting is simple. A phone call to the VoIP provider is all it takes to get to the root of the problem. In addition, scaling is much easier when a call center uses VoIP. Adding new lines can be done online or over the phone. Adding new lines for a traditional PBX requires someone to come out and physically add one. This also takes time and can quickly become expensive, which is less than ideal when trying to scale a call center. In times of rapid growth or busy seasons, VoIP is the best option.

Easy software updates

VoIP phone systems have regular updates, all free to you. In the past, companies had to pay for updates and new licenses. The cost to do this can be significant. Since VoIP is a platform over the Internet, you can receive updates automatically as soon as they come out. With LiveVox, updates are regularly checked and completed. This allows call center leadership to focus on different areas. 

VoIP phone systems have regular updates, all free to you

Free long distance

VoIP allows you to make calls anywhere in the world at no extra cost. With traditional phone systems, calling long distance or internationally can quickly rack up a hefty bill. With VoIP, agents are free to make calls to customers no matter where they live.

Highly customizable

Call center VoIP solutions are often very customizable. LiveVox’s platform provides numerous features that foster a highly productive environment. However, if you do not need all these features, you don’t have to have them. You pay for what you use and if you change your mind down the road, adding new features is as simple as a click online.

Advanced VoIP features

LiveVox’s VoIP solution provides tools that create a smooth agent experience and make it possible for customers to receive quality customer service. A few of the features include:

  • IVR
  • Voicemail
  • Unified messaging
  • Shared lines
  • Call data and analytics
  • Queuing 

VoIP makes it simple to stay connected. LiveVox allows you to effortlessly send messages you receive straight to your email inbox. You can also forward to a different number to ensure you don’t miss any calls. The LiveVox IVR features Virtual Agents, which can carry conversations with customers through pre-programmed instructions. Virtual Agents can assist customers with things such as payments or effectively route them to a live agent. 

LiveVox understands the nuances of the call center. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our solutions were designed to help call centers overcome common challenges. That’s why our VoIP solution provides our clients with the most important features call centers need to run smoothly and effectively. VoIP saves call centers money thanks to its minimal maintenance and equipment and low installation costs. 

If you’re not using VoIP, you should look into it

The world of telecommunications has changed a lot over the past few decades. And while some businesses have held onto their old methods of communication, there’s no question that they’re missing out on some serious savings opportunities by sticking to old-school phone systems. If you’re not using VoIP (or “Voice over Internet Protocol”) technology in your business, then you need to consider it—especially if your company relies heavily on phone calls and long distance.

Frequently asked questions

What is VoIP
What is VoIP?

VoIP allows users to make and receive calls over the Internet. Instead of traditional, bulky, on-site hardware, VoIP allows call centers to operate without complex and expensive equipment. Cloud-based VoIP platforms, such as the call center solution provided by LiveVox, operate in the cloud instead. Advanced technology fuels features such as IVR, auto-attendants, call reporting data, and more. By implementing a VoIP phone system into your call center, you can realize a significant savings. Below are six ways that VoIP phone systems save call centers money.

Is VoIP easy to use and set up?

Yes, even for remote work .As many agents work from home, having a mobile call center platform is more important than ever. With VoIP, all agents need is a stable internet collection and headset to get started. Installing expensive equipment into every remote agents’ home simply isn’t feasible. VoIP makes it easy to make the switch over to work from home.

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