July 13, 2022

Can AI Reduce Repeat Calls in Your Call Center? Yes, Here’s How

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how to reduce repeat calls in call center

AI-powered virtual agents are not just a new trend, but the way of the future for contact centers because of the time-saving benefits they bring. Adding self-service options with artificial intelligence layered in is a great way to reduce repeat calls, slim call queues, and reduce inbound volume overall.

When it comes to minimizing repeat calls, virtual agents are so much more than the basic chatbot and have a lot to offer in the contact center. They have complex features that simulate real human interactions that go far beyond what previous technologies have been capable of. This truly elevates the customer experience and makes for better business.

Reducing repeat calls: How virtual agents increase productivity

AI-enabled tools like virtual agents can reduce repeat calls in your contact center by: 

  • Creating virtual queues and triggering digital channel interactions
  • Developing stronger first contact resolution SLAs.
  • Building out a comprehensive self-service capability.

Virtual agents are programable to complete customer service queries through call, text, and chat. They can be used to schedule callbacks to reduce repeat calls and even carry out low-level issue problem solving on their own. 

Their natural language processing abilities allow them to seamlessly interact with customers and produce human-like speech. Some areas where an AI virtual agent may be useful are in billing, collections, FAQ, tech support, reservations and schedules, customer service, and data analytics. 

AI virtual agents are rapidly becoming popular for manager’s looking to increase productivity and reduce repeat issues. It was reported that the global intelligent virtual assistant market size was valued at USD 5.82 billion in 2020. It is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.5% from 2021 to 2028. This AI-powered software can easily be implemented for both customer and employee needs. It also changes the game in the way businesses interact with their customers and can streamline channels of communication for customers who need to reach out to them for any reason.

Machine learning technology means that they are also constantly taking in information and learning to improve functions.In this way, artificial intelligence allows a contact center to continuously scale up their customer service. Of course, virtual agents should not completely replace human agents, as they are still very needed, and this AI software is able to connect a customer with a live agent if the situation needs to be escalated to that point. 

Adding virtual agents to your contact center is simple and easy. By seamlessly implementing virtual agents, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and see rapid results.

What AI virtual agents will help you achieve In your contact center

What AI virtual agents will help you achieve In your contact center

The customer experience is a vital aspect that every business needs to take into consideration. Using virtual agents does not have to be a sacrifice to the quality of customer service your contact center delivers. They are designed to be able to handle calls just as a person would.

In a survey completed by the IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV), they found that 99% of respondents report an increase in customer satisfaction as a result of using virtual agent technology. 

This software can answer calls at all hours of the day and pick up more quickly. This is a major benefit because it keeps customers out of IVR traps by encouraging self-service. So, anyone who calls in at any given time of day, even outside of business hours, can solve their problem efficiently and not have to call back at another time. Not to mention that most people are working regular business hours, which tends to be the same hours that customer service departments keep. 

The agent experience is another powerful motivator in bringing in virtual agents. For contact centers with high call rates, this frees up time for human agents. They can focus more on training and providing more personalized service for customers for those who need it, rather than putting that energy towards routine calls.

How will automation make your life easier?

Automation is a wonderful thing. Virtual agents provide automation at every level and cut costs across the board. With this kind of technology, you can easily monitor call recordings and ensure you are maintaining compliance. 

AI-powered virtual agents also increase the number of calls taken without needing to add additional agents, which would only drive up costs. 

The same IBM survey mentioned above also noted that 96% of respondents have exceeded, achieved, or fully expect to reach a return on investment for implementing their virtual agent technology.

You can optimize operations and better serve customers by having AI virtual agents fully integrated into all systems. This creates a blended omnichannel, meaning that this system can do other things like sending text messages and emails. Ultimately it saves time and provides faster service, which customers are always looking for. Consistency is another factor in automation, as virtual agents deliver the same service every time and there is a smaller margin for error and fewer complaints about the service being received. 

Overall, AI technology such as this modernizes the contact center in a way that makes you bound to succeed. 

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