August 8, 2022

How To Make Your Messaging Platform a One Stop Shop Campaign Hub

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How To Make Your Messaging Platform a One Stop Shop Campaign Hub

Executing marketing campaigns can be notoriously stressful. From lead generation to scheduling, the process can involve many people using different software to deliver their input. In addition, updated customer data is a critical factor of a successful campaign. Without it, companies waste money and resources. They also risk high bounce rates and a poor send reputation. In this article we’re going to explore the advantages of a unified messaging platform and how to turn it into your business’s messaging hub.

One of the primary reasons that bad data within campaign platforms exists is because of incompatibility with CRM software. They do not always integrate well with each other. This results in a disjointed workflow that makes it difficult to create successful outreach due to outdated or incorrect data. For example, if a customer updates their email address through an online account management portal, the CRM software can automatically update the account. If the CRM platform does not communicate well with campaign software, it can result in poor campaign performance.

A unified messaging platform

A unified messaging platform

Call centers have overcome the bad data problem by implementing a one-stop shop platform that can meet all their campaign needs.The key to successfully executing flawless campaigns is a unified CRM with omnichannel communication capabilities. There are several ways to use your messaging platform to deliver outbound campaigns. 

Keep Clean Lists

The LiveVox CRM houses customer data that is continuously updated. The LiveVox Outbound Suite is a campaign management tool that integrates seamlessly with the CRM. Executed campaigns use lead lists that come from the CRM. Since client contact information can be updated in the LiveVox CRM, future outbound campaigns will always have the most accurate data. Ensure that the campaign manager you use integrates well with your CRM. Manually updating customer information can be tedious, especially when lead lists are hundreds of contacts long. 

Reach Out Via SMS

Use your messaging platform to schedule outbound campaigns via SMS. Many people avoid answering calls from numbers they don’t recognize. Schedule a quick SMS campaign instead. A text message has a much higher rate of engagement. An omnichannel platform can update lead conversation history directly within the CRM. Following up is simple because agents can view all of the customer’s past interactions on one platform.

Schedule Agent-less Marketing Campaigns

You can automate marketing campaign workflows and maximize your results using your messaging platform. Set up virtual agents and chatbots to effectively handle campaign responses. AI makes it simple for bots to communicate with customers. New data collected after each campaign is accessible through the CRM. Agents are then aware of each leads’ status.The outbound campaign process can run in the background while agents work with live customers over the phone.

Automate Your Dials

When a campaign requires live agent and customer interaction, you can create clean lead lists through your CRM. Several automated functions can create efficient outbound calling campaigns. For example, an automated outbound dialer can connect agents to customers only after they answer. They can also bypass voicemails and automatically go on to dialing the next lead. The minutes agents save by avoiding having to dial and hang up on every call truly build up.

Schedule Outreach Efforts at the Right Times

A reliable one stop shop can also provide critical insight into operational workflows. Using accurate data and analytics, schedule campaigns during those periods of time customers are more likely to engage. This can also vary by mode of communication. Call centers can also learn what the times of least engagement are, and avoid outreach efforts during those periods. It’s simple to identify the best times to text, call, or email leads when you have the right data at your fingertips.

Communicate Quickly and Effectively

When time-sensitive campaigns are scheduled, quick responses are warranted. Your omnichannel messaging platform makes this possible by allowing agents the ability to respond to customers via SMS, chat, email, or voice. Each customer interaction is recorded within their account in the CRM. This provides agents all the necessary information to effectively engage.

A unified messaging platform is an efficient tool contact centers use to manage marketing campaigns. Having all the right data sources and features in a “one stop shop” makes agents’ workflows much simpler. The stress of having to sift through several windows or dealing with siloed data is removed. Agents can focus entirely on delivering successful campaigns. 

The LiveVox unified CRM works with many data sources, including campaign management tools. LiveVox allows call centers to create and schedule successful outbound campaigns by the platform’s ability to work across all systems. It is highly convenient and ensures your campaigns are as effective as possible. Learn more about the LiveVox Outbound Suite and how it boosts your marketing efforts here

Frequently asked questions

A unified messaging platform is an efficient tool contact centers use to manage marketing campaigns

Omnichannel Support – All Conversations in One Queue?

Customers can reach out to businesses through their method of choice with omnichannel support. Agents can be set up to take only one channel of communication or all. Customers can queue in order regardless of their method of communication.

Is WhatsApp a messaging app or a social media app?

WhatsApp can be considered both a messaging app and a social media app. However, it greatly depends on the context in which a person uses it. LiveVox provides an omnichannel contact center platform that integrates with WhatsApp. It allows call centers to provide customer support through the app.

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