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September 29, 2021

How to Improve Your Quality Process with Speech Analytics

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How to Improve Your Quality Process with Speech Analytics

Your quality process is what keeps your contact center functioning at the level you and your customers expect. It is imperative to be able to accurately measure how effective your processes are. 

You can use customer surveys, call recording, and training as tools of call center quality management. But, what if there was something that could level up these metrics and turn insight into action?

Speech analytics amplifies the power of quality process metrics: 

  • The contents of every call are made available through speech to text analytics and automation. 
  • Training becomes more specific and objective. 
  • Adherence to compliance measures becomes easier

How to Improve Your Quality Process with Speech Analytics

The purpose of speech analytics is to take data drawn from conversations you have with your customers and turn it into something that can provide insight. With this insight, you can make evidence-based decisions that improve your quality process. 

Speech analytics use artificial intelligence techniques to analyze calls once they are recorded as well as in real-time. To do this accurately, your speech analytics system must have an adequate sample library with which to compare the speech it is analyzing. It needs to be told what is meaningful and what isn’t. 

Because speech analytics works by being told what information is important, it’s applicable to almost every aspect of your quality process. Let’s take a look at how you can augment the quality processes you already have in place with speech analytics. 

Monitoring the Process

When you first set out to develop the processes of your quality management system (QMS), you hopefully came up with a quality manual. This manual is an actionable rulebook that explains how to make sure your quality objectives are being carried out. 

Because you can tell AI-enabled quality management software what to look for you can pick out parts of conversations that indicate your quality manual is being followed.

Easy as Pie

Traditional quality management uses manual evaluations to assess calls by scoring them based on a set of fixed criteria. This provides measurable analysis of both your call center and individual agents over time. 

But, analyzing calls manually takes a lot of time, can only catch about 5% of the calls, and results that are utilized for training can be subjective.  

Speech analytics provides contact centers with a technology that can monitor 100% of the calls 100% of the time. If that weren’t enough, the monitoring process can be automated. You can rapidly perform speech analytics recorded or conversations or in real-time.

Real Time Guidance

Your quality processes center around keeping your customers happy. Even if they call you with a problem, you want them hanging up with a positive experience. 

Speech analytics has the power to analyze conversations for emotional content. This is particularly helpful when agents are engaged in a conversation that has strong emotional energy. Speech analytics can recognize the emotional tone and provide real-time guidance through tricky conversations. 

Compliance Management

Managing your compliance process is something that requires a bit of precision. You often need your agents to adhere to a script to ensure the correct compliance procedure is being followed. 

Speech analytics can detect and flag when your agents divert from the script. These diversions might indicate non-compliance and can be used to train agents. It can also be used to capture and record consent, a very important part of complying with rules put out by the CFPB’s new rules around debt collection. 

Objective and Targeted Training

With access to all call recordings, you can uncover what is working and what needs to be refined. Speech analytics can draw out data from your agent’s behavior and give you insight as to how to most effectively train them. 

No matter how hard you try, manual evaluation of agent performance isn’t always objective. Agents can take performance evaluation personally and balk at improvement. But with speech analytics, it’s not personal. Speech analytics uses cold, machine analysis to point out areas of improvement.

Speech analytics also provides an opportunity for target training. Broad training sessions cover areas that need to be improved in a general way. Targeted training empowers agents by giving them the information they personally need to be successful. 

Speech analytics turns information hidden in customer conversations into transcripts and insights that can be shared throughout your organization. They allow you to measure and quantify your call center’s performance and control quality. 

Speech analytics extract business intelligence from conversations happening across channels. This information can help you identify problems early and take a proactive approach to issues. By leveraging speech analytics, your call center stays ahead of problems with quality by turning insight into action.

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