December 7, 2021

How to Get the Most out of Customer Contact Week

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How to Get the Most out of Customer Contact Week

Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas, NV, will be held from December 13th, 2021-December 16th, 2021. A wildly popular event series, Customer Contact Week brings the best and the brightest from all over the country to discuss all things contact center through live industry speakers, summits, expos, and more. One quick skim over the main website and brochure could leave anybody feeling overwhelmed. It will be a busy four days for both attendees and organizers, so in order to get the most out of customer contact week, follow these ten tips below and maximize your experience at CCW 2021

How to get the most out of Customer Contact Week

  1. Reserve a room well in advance up to three nights before, and use the discount code available through the same link to get the special CCW 2021 rates. Breakfast and check-in starts at 8AM sharp on the 13th, followed by the summit of your choice from 9AM to 2:30PM. Arriving the same morning can leave you feeling tired and flustered, and leaves little room for error. By having already settled in the night (or days) before, you’ll be rested and ready for the first long day. 
  1. Start each day early so you can interact with vendors and other mingling professionals before everyone is tired towards the evening. Talking with hundreds of people is exhausting, so arriving early will ensure that you catch everyone before they expend all their energy and are able to focus and concentrate more clearly as they speak with you.
  1. Pick the summits, speaking sessions, and workshops to attend at CCW before your trip (options will vary depending on the pass you purchased). There are many to choose from, and most occur simultaneously. Instead of trying to quickly research which to attend at the last minute, you can take your time weeks prior and decide on what would benefit you the most. 
  1. Bring plenty of business cards. There will be time dedicated solely to networking, but you will be meeting many people throughout the event series. Have them on hand so that you’re not left awkwardly scrambling for your phone or scribbling your contact information on a napkin. You never know who you could meet! 
  1. The former leads to number five: do not skip out on networking sessions. These timed thirty to sixty minutes sessions give you a chance to connect with industry leaders. You never know who you could meet and what kind of insightful ideas you could pick up. 
  1. Take good notes. Bring a laptop or notebook to take down the highlights that matter most to you during workshops and speaker sessions. You will be surrounded with valuable information and experienced leaders in the industry with great ideas. It can be easy to forget what you learned when you go home. 
  1. Set aside time to peruse the expo hall. The expo hall will feature partners that understand the nuances of operating a contact center and offer solutions that could greatly benefit yours. You might just discover something you hadn’t ever thought of! 
  1. Don’t skip the 2021 CCW Excellence Awards! Here you’ll catch some of the most innovative and forward thinking leaders in the contact center industry. You’ll be sure to benefit from learning how contact center leaders have been creatively adapting to our new post-pandemic world and much more. Find out what all the categories are here.  
  1. Understand the requirements designed to keep attendees and organizers safe during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Don’t forget your mask and take a look at the initiatives set in place to reduce the risk of getting sick.
  1. Don’t forget the discount codes available through Delta Airlines and United Airlines here. Each airline has provided their own discount code for CCW 2021 attendees, and saves flyers up to up to 10% off the price of each ticket. 

CCW 2021 in Las Vegas this December is going to be filled with many opportunities for attendees to learn from the best and meet other professionals in the industry. You will want to be entirely present and focused, so taking care of some details beforehand will pay off. These ten quick tips will ensure you get the most out of CCW 2021.

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