July 19, 2022

How to Calculate Hold Time in a Call Center: Dashboards & Wallboard

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how to calculate hold time call center

Looking to reduce long hold times? One of the first steps is learning how to calculate hold time in your call center. LiveVox has a business and user-friendly solution that provides managers with real time reporting on the current status of inbound and outbound activity in the contact center.

LiveVox Wallboards are configurable dashboards that you can customize exactly the way you want to. These dashboards display key performance indicators (KPIs) such as inbound and outbound volume, and individual or team output. There’s really so much opportunity here for what you can have access to.

The success of any contact center depends on the kind of software that’s implemented. Wallboards provide managers with the ability to keep track of individual agents or agent teams and stay on top of performance. 

How to calculate hold times in your call or contact center

How to calculate hold times in your call or contact center

Average wait time (AWT) is what determines the health of your call center. It tells you how long your customers are waiting to connect to an agent. AWT gives you a big-picture view that shows how your agents are performing, how to optimize your IVR, and much more. By addressing these factors, you can easily reduce your AWT and can also minimize the number of abandoned or repeat calls in the future.

Here’s how you calculate your average wait time: Add the total wait times for all answered calls and divide it by the number of answered calls.

How can Wallboards help minimize wait times?

Wallboards provide managers with real time reporting on the real-time status of inbound and outbound activity in the contact center.

LiveVox Wallboards key features

The following key features make wallboards a great addition to your contact center.

Versatile alerts

With LiveVox wallboards and customizable dashboards you can set up color-coded alerts that are based on specific metrics that you set. Alerts immediately notify you and enabled audio and browser notifications can easily capture your attention and make you aware of any issues.

Personal and Public Display

Our wallboard software can be accessed from multiple locations for further convenience. Wallboards can be quickly set up on an individual manager’s or agent’s desktop. Or they can be projected from big screens on the walls of the office for everyone to see. Also, make presentations easier with the display options.


Part of the customization of the wallboards is configurable graphs, charts, or grids that display all sorts of data. The greatest perk of this software is that it’s all about choice. You choose how the data is presented to you. You also choose how the information is sorted, whether that’s by color, size, or position relative to the screen.

Benefits of a Wallboard for increasing hold time efficiency

Benefits of a Wallboard for increasing hold time efficiency

Real-time data and goal setting

Receiving real-time data is a great thing for managers, as they can base decisions on the most accurate and latest information. Decisions can include things like goal setting. By setting goals, agents know what to aim for in their performance at work. For example, managers can see the average wait times and set a goal to lower those wait times and agents know this is something they need to strive for and prioritize.

Stay informed and create an action plan

With wallboards, KPIs are available in one convenient location and visual alerts are created when something has gone wrong or set metrics have been breached. If a metric has been breached and a manager is alerted right away, then they can immediately act on that knowledge to correct the problem. This helps contact centers in maintaining consistency in the level of customer service they provide. It can also let managers know when a certain tactic is not working, and they can then change directions.

Provide motivation to agents

Contact center agents can be severely hindered when managers are not up to speed with the statistics and information on how their contact centers are doing. Knowing what the data says makes a difference. If performance levels are lower than usual, managers can see this early on and take the opportunity to boost agents’ motivation.

Increase productivity in the contact center

At the end of the day, managers want to see high rates of productivity and the way to maintain that is through staying informed. Wallboards are updated with the day-to-day information and managers can see if this is in line with business goals. KPIs can be broken down and displayed by individual agents, so managers can see how well they are performing. If an agent isn’t as productive as they need to be then a manager can work with them to resolve any issues.

I hope this helped you discover how to calculate hold time in a call center. Wallboards can have an important role in managing the contact center. One of the best aspects of this software is that you can create as many dashboards as you need or want. So, if you think LiveVox wallboard software is something you would like to check out, then visit our website to request a demo. It can only make your life easier.

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