November 16, 2022

How To Add an Online Phone Dialer To Your Website

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How To Add an Online Phone Dialer To Your Website

Many companies are continuously finding ways to provide convenient experiences for their customers and an online phone dialer can help. One way they do this is by optimizing their websites for mobile users. Most company mobile websites provide customers with a link to their phone number. It makes it easier for customers to quickly reach out as they are browsing the site from their phone. A simple tap on a phone number on a mobile website is all it takes for a customer to make a call. 

Desktop users are capable of providing the same convenience. The only difference is that when a desktop user clicks on a phone number on a website, the VoIP application installed on the system will open up to make the call. One example of such an application is Skype. If a user’s computer settings designate Skype as the primary application for online phone dialers, it will always automatically open up when a user clicks on a phone number online. 

Desktop users are capable of providing the same convenience

Installing an online phone dialer on your company website is a great way to make it easy for customers to reach out to you. Some companies rely on a simple “Contact Us” submission form for customers to send them a message. Competitors can quickly take advantage of the period of time it takes for other companies to reply to those customers. Giving your customers the option to contact you as they have your company top of mind closes that gap. Also known as a click-to-call number, an online phone dialer is actually pretty simple to implement. Read on to learn how to install one your website. 

Adding an online phone dialer to your site with HTML

If you use an HTML editor, you can copy and paste code to install a simple click-to-call number on your site. 

  1. Open up your HTML editor. 
  2. Find the location you’d like your phone number to be. 
  3. Add the following tag: 
    <a href=”tel:+1-877-538-5888″></a>
  4. Between the > and </a>, type in the call-to-action you’d like to use, such as “Call us now.” This will show up hyperlinked on your website. Alternatively, you could add text before the line of code (such as Contact us at) and type in your phone number in between > and </>. Only the phone number would appear hyperlinked. 
  5. Publish your page. 

If you use website builders such as WordPress or Squarespace, the process is more straightforward. You should have built-in drag and drop capabilities that allow you to add a hyperlinked phone number to your website quite easily. You can even add a call button to your site, which is essentially the phone number hyperlink within a button of your choice. If you use an HTML editor and are confident with your coding abilities, you can also insert a call button that way. After you publish your site with the click-to-call phone number, customers will be able to call agents directly from the website itself. 

The benefits of an online phone dialer

Adding a click-to-call feature provides customers with a smooth experience that brings benefits to your company.

Adding a click-to-call feature provides customers with a smooth experience that brings benefits to your company. For example, you could leverage click-to-call numbers to enhance your agents’ outbound campaigns. Agents can execute campaigns via SMS or email for a segmented list of customers that can be directed to a landing page with a unique click-to-call number. This number can be set up to reach those agents working on that campaign directly. With a VoIP phone system such as LiveVox’s cloud-based platform, call centers can easily set up a new extension number route calls wherever they need.    

Your call center can add an online phone dialer for its company and leverage LiveVox’s solutions to create a streamlined experience for customers. Learn how to set your business up for success by implementing LiveVox’s easy-to-scale call center solutions. Find out more about our cloud-based platform here. 

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