January 30, 2023

How Can AI Automation Improve Call Center Workflows?

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How Can AI Automation Improve Call Center Workflows?

AI-driven tools have completely changed the way call centers operate, improving their operations through simplified workflows for agents and as a result, better experiences for customers. AI has upgraded the most common tools call centers rely on to handle customer interactions and manage call center agents.

AI tools help boost agent efficiency and productivity and provide overall beneficial changes to call centers that stay competitive. Companies are constantly on the lookout for ways to stay in the lead, and implementing AI has helped them do just that. 

Overcoming Common Call Center Pain Points with AI Automation

When it comes to call center workflows, there are many common pain points that agents encounter that hinder the quality of their service. These issues end up bringing call centers higher levels of risk and customer dissatisfaction. Some of these common problems include: 

  • excessive hold times,
  • high employee turnover rates,
  • low first call resolution rates,
  • siloed data, 
  • and unreliable self-service systems.

All of these issues can be traced back to interrupted workflows. By implementing AI-driven tools into the call center, management can provide solutions that not only make the customer happy, but simplify agents’ jobs. 

Using AI as a solution to common workflow pain points

Inbound calls are often handled on a priority or first-come, first-serve basis. Although there are many instances where customers must speak to an agent over the phone, a significant number of calls can be resolved through self-serve options. For example, AI powered IVR allows customers to speak with a virtual agent, which can transcribe what they are saying and provide answers.

Using AI as a solution to common workflow pain points

Intelligent IVR: How AI Speech Transcription Improves Customer Experience

Through Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, AI speech transcription allows customers to have normal interactions with virtual agents the same way they would with a live agent. With every conversation, the AI automation software is capable of building upon everything it has learned. When a customer reaches the IVR system, they can get the help they need for things like order tracking, making payments, account updates, and balance inquiries. This removes the need for customers to wait on the phone to speak with an agent, all while lessening their call volumes. This helps them focus on helping those customers who call in with more difficult issues.

Bumpy workflows, which can be caused by anything such as frustrated customers or a lack of accessibility to important data, can quickly turn into a negative work environment for agents. Call centers have one of the highest turnover rates of any other industry, which is why it’s important for companies to find ways to streamline agent workflows. AI powered routing capabilities help ensure that customers are transferred to the right person the first time.

Achieving Better First Call Resolution with AI-Integrated Call Center CRMs

This helps reduce the likelihood of an agent having to escalate an already high-risk call. In addition, too many applications can make even the simplest tasks difficult for agents, especially while they are on the phone. Siloed data is a common problem, which refers to data that’s inaccessible to agents because it’s on a different application they may not have access to. An AI automation centered call center platform, such as LiveVox’s Call Center CRM, integrates third-party applications into its workflow.

This means that agents have all the data they need in one main source. There is no need to login to multiple systems, saving agents time and energy. Through the single pane-of-glass approach, agents can provide thorough customer support without having to click through multiple screens. It not only shortens their handle times but also improves first call resolution rates, all while providing a better experience for customers.

Self-Service Options for Customers with AI-Powered Virtual Agents

Another way that AI helps improve current workflows is through the self-service options that it provides. Virtual agents can interact with customers via SMS. They can answer most questions that customers have and if needed, transfer them to a live agent to continue the conversation over text.

Self-Service Options for Customers with AI-Powered Virtual Agents

Say Goodbye to Long Wait Times with AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are also another highly effective self-service option. Chat is convenient for customers and easy for call center management to set up. Pre-written questions and answers can be programmed into the chatbot program and give customers answers to general questions or even account specific questions. Like virtual agents on SMS, chatbots can also transfer customers to a live agent if needed.

In the past, clunky self-service options such as IVRs with poor speech recognition capabilities severely impacted the agent workflow. At times IVRs weren’t able to distinguish between human voice and background noise, causing a very frustrating experience for the customer. This would lead to an increase in escalated calls and in the end, agents taking the brunt of the blame. Waiting in long queues also impacts the agent workflow in the same way. Chat and SMS support could also have long wait times. Waiting for a reply email may take even longer. AI automation helps close this gap by providing customers with quick, high-quality, AI support.

AI has made it easy for call centers to continue to adapt to a fast-paced environment. From machine learning virtual agents, AI chatbots, and seamless platforms, call centers can set themselves up for success and deliver a positive experience to both agents and customers.

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