How Artificial Intelligence Software is Modernizing Customer Support

How Artificial Intelligence Software is Modernizing Customer Support

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The technology that call centers depend on to provide customer support has come a long way thanks to AI. Artificial intelligence software has helped streamline agent workflows and has driven improved customer experiences. In the past, customer service agents were limited in the ways they could help customers. Call center leadership was also left with minimal resources to provide their teams with effective, thorough coaching. Simple workflows were time consuming, taking time away from employees that could’ve been spent elsewhere. 

After AI was introduced, it was easier to see the difference in productivity levels. That’s why businesses have embraced AI technology. In the call center world, customer support has become modernized after the implementation of AI.

AI for modernized customer support

AI-driven software has made it possible for businesses to deliver support that meets the customer where they’re at. This means that the way call centers provide customer service aligns with the expectations prevalent in today’s society. There are numerous ways that AI software modernizes customer support today. Below are a few examples of how AI software helps call centers deliver technology-driven support.

Automation technology

Automation technology has given the call center the ability to meet the on-demand nature of today’s generation. Automation has become a staple in the call center industry because it delivers hands-off customer support that saves agents more time. Automation maximizes efficiency in many areas like agent scoring, ticketing, marketing, and communication. 

Automation technology has given the call center the ability to meet the on-demand nature of today’s generation

Coaching a large team of agents can be time-consuming. It can be difficult for one supervisor to provide thorough and actionable support to numerous agents without sacrificing some quality of their expertise. AI software that’s designed to automate agent scoring can provide the solution to this problem. LiveVox has developed Automated Scorecards, which essentially “grade” agents according to pre-filled metrics. Each call is scored, and reports are delivered to team leaders for review. This tool relies on advanced speech analytics to transcribe everything from agent tone and pitch on every call. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) process what agents and customers are saying during every interaction. That’s how the program can designate a score for each agent. It’s able to identify whether or not an agent is meeting their expectations. 

Ticketing workflows are also improved through automation. When customers call in to request support for a problem, a ticket is created. Workflows are customizable to the needs of the businesses. This allows for the entire process to flow much more smoothly. Tickets are handled in an automated fashion as they go down the line to the right people needed for resolution. Customers are notified of changes and new account contacts through their tickets in real-time. Marketing campaigns work similarly. Automation allows agents to create and execute customized marketing campaigns. They can set up the workflow that makes the most sense for them. This can include touchpoints or callbacks after a certain number of days. Automating marketing campaigns is much more efficient and allows agents to focus on the customer relationship.

Speech analytics

Speech analytics is a powerful tool that enhances multiple aspects of various call center workflows. One way is through call recording. During calls, speech analytic tools can transcribe and assign meaning to what both the customer and agent are saying. This provides multiple benefits. One mentioned above are the LiveVox Automated Scorecards. The tool also has the ability to alert management in real time of high-risk calls. This gives supervisors a chance to intervene before a possible escalation. This ensures that customers receive high-quality support. 

Speech analytics also enhances the customer experience directly through its application towards IVR

Speech analytics also enhances the customer experience directly through its application towards IVR. Outdated IVR systems often have a hard time distinguishing between outside noise and human speech. They also tend to misunderstand a customer’s words, causing frustration. However, with advanced speech analytics such as the LiveVox SpeechIQ solution, the artificial intelligence software can transcribe speech with greater accuracy. This prevents them from having to repeat themselves or from accidentally getting transferred to the wrong department. Speech analytic tools also help provide call center leadership better business intelligence. This helps drive better future business decisions. LiveVox’s Call Drivers and Dispositioning solution uses the transcribed data to identify trending keywords and phrases that indicate what customers are most concerned about. This allows businesses to truly meet the customer where they’re at as they take direction straight from those conversations.

Virtual agents

Virtual agents powered by AI bring many benefits to the call center. A virtual agent can assist a customer in the same way a live agent can. A customer simply needs to speak to the virtual agent in the same manner. Virtual agents can provide customers with the information they need and help them perform certain account-related tasks. This includes things such as order tracking, payment updates, payment submissions, and account changes. If a virtual agent is unable to help, they can automatically route the customer to the right live agent using artificial intelligence software. 

Virtual agents help modernize customer support by providing 24/7 help and by eliminating the wait time a customer would otherwise have spent on hold. Now customers aren’t limited to calling only during certain hours, making it much more convenient for them. In addition, the days of endlessly waiting for an agent to answer the phone are gone. Customers can get the instant help they now have come to expect. 

The benefits that virtual agents bring aren’t limited to voice. Virtual agents can be implemented into web chat and SMS functions. A significant number of customers prefer to use SMS or chat to reach out to companies. They can receive the same around-the-clock care from a virtual agent when using the channels too. 

AI has truly changed the landscape in the call center industry. It has allowed businesses to stay competitive and deliver the type of support that meets the needs of today’s generation of customers.

Did you know?
Contact Center AI is easy to do with LiveVox - Get the AI Starter Kit

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