March 31, 2021

Here’s Your U-15 Platform Run Down

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It’s the end of Q1 and that means we’ve been busy rolling out feature upgrades here at LiveVox. This month we’ve released fresh updates to Contact Manager, a beefed up ticketing system, and even new data management and segmentation capabilities in version 15 of the LiveVox Unified platform. 

The main components that we focused on in this release further CRM build-out specifically in Ticketing and Contact Manager, refine overall agent experience, WFO, and further ease of use on the core of our offering. 

Our product team introduced the latest release in full in this webinar recording

Agent Experience

Contact Manager

Users are now able to modify a Segmentation for Contact Manager and preview the changes immediately.​ Prior to this enhancement, any changes to an existing segmentation filter would not reflect within the Preview function in Contact Manager until the following day.​

This functionality is designed to allow users to simplify their workflow experience and make changes on the fly without having to recreate or copy segmentation templates to visualize their change before creating campaigns.

Connect LiveVox to your most important 3rd party platforms with the ‘Call a Function’ button.

Modern contact center environments are oftentimes very complicated and use multiple platforms, so, we’ve introduced the ‘Call a Function’ button which allows you to push an event to any web-based platform via an API that executes a function. 

This allows you to connect your LiveVox agent directly to things like your system of record, collection platform, lead generation platform, or financial services onboarding platform, minimizing the need for agents to toggle between different applications


Create automated events based on ticket types, time errors, and other specified criteria. 

We’ve doubled down on automation and intelligent triggering with automatic ticket routing that helps customers create communication rules based on ticket inputs.  

Ticket Forms

LiveVox users are now able to create Ticket Forms that can be accessed by customers via the LiveVox Web Widget or by an agent through U-CRM. We designed this to encourage customers who are visiting client websites to submit support tickets and feedback that automatically creates a ticket that agents can work and respond to.

Customers can easily embed the Ticket Form on the LiveVox Web Widget with a customized look and feel.​ When creating a Ticket Form, users are able to customize each field and define if it’s required, the style, and any minimum validation needed prior to ticket submission​. This will ensure agents are entering the required information and asking the proper questions by embedding the ticket form in any U-CRM enabled Desktop. Users are also able to add any Labels or URL links that a customer or agent can click on​. 

Here are are some more new additions to LiveVox Ticketing: 

  • Users are able to select any standard Ticket field or custom Ticket fields to store values against as well as add a placeholder for additional instructions. 
  • Users are able to create different Ticket Forms that can be published on multiple U-CRM enabled desktops and websites​.
  • The Ticket Form editor allows users to select from standard LiveVox Ticket Form templates or customize your own, by defining what fields and messaging to display.​​
  • Ticket Form editor can be found under Tickets Config in the Configure tab if Ticketing is enabled for your portal.
  • Users are able to monitor Ticket Form activity and view every ticket that has been created through any form via the Activity tab​.
  • Easily search for ticket numbers or tickets that have been opened or closed for a specific date or range of days.

Ticket Workflows

Ticket Workflows help customers ensure that Tickets go through a standard process that can relieve managers and agents of manual work, saving time and minimizing errors​.Ticket Workflows can be used for field defaults, auto-routing or auto-assignment, task reminders, email notifications or API calls that can ensure all Tickets are handled in a timely manner with consistency. Users are able to define workflow events based on the following triggers: 

  • Ticket Creation
  • Ticket Update 
  • Scheduled Nightly Run.

Once an event is triggered, it goes through a conditional logic check that a user defines such as “if Ticket is Unassigned” and subsequently triggers an action. Each event can trigger an action or multiple actions.​ The available actions are:​

  • Send Email​
  • Create a WQ Task​
  • Update a Field​
  • Call a Function​
  • Stop Workflow.

Just like Ticket Forms, Ticket Workflows has an Activity tab that displays all triggered events.​ Users are able to search for specific tickets or filter workflow events for a specific date or range of dates. 

Ticket Views

Users are now able to create Ticket Views that can be assigned to agents, agent teams or users​. Ticket Views is a filtering tool that pulls any tickets that match a set of predefined attributes. We designed this so that a manager or agent can easily find, monitor, and work on tickets without having to do a manual search every time.The Ticketing Views editor allows a user to create as many views as needed for their team, agents, or themselves.​

When creating a new Ticket View, users are able to define if it is editable, preview, and see the full change history.​

Agent Profiles now include Knowledge Workers

Starting in U13, users were able to create a Knowledge Base that can be accessed by users, agents, or customers.  In U15, we’ve enhanced the learning library to support internal LIveVox content as well as hosted organizational content so outside materials don’t have to be uploaded to the platform.  

It’s now much easier for LiveVox agents to function as ‘Knowledge Workers’.

We’ve created a new version of our user interface for ‘knowledge workers’ including a streamlined log-in process and UX alterations that reflect their different responsibilities and priorities.

Help out your back-office and ‘knowledge workers’ with a new specialized user interface.

Back-office personnel have different priorities, so we’ve created an adapted UI to reflect that. These employees will now benefit from a streamlined log-in process, access to detailed call history, a personal phonebook, and more.

LiveVox users are able to create multiple Knowledge Base portals that can be associated to different U-CRM enabled agent Desktops or accessible by your customers on a website via the LiveVox Web Widget. Knowledge Base portals can also be enabled to access Private and Public Articles.​

Once a Knowledge Base portal is published, the entire Article base will be accessible if the Knowledge Base portal allows access to both Private or Public articles.​ Articles created can be assigned a user- defined Category and/or Section for easier filtering within an organization.​

Under the Content Library, users are able to add articles that are either file-based or from a website. ​When a user is searching for a Knowledge Base article, we return any articles that have the keywords that were searched for, and, if it is a web page, a user will be able to click on that page to open another browser tab. File based articles will give the option to download the file.

Data Management and Analytics Enhancements

Vital customer data can now be accessed in our Business Intelligence tool.

Contact Manager data is now available in LiveVox Business Intelligence (U-BI) allowing you to gain a holistic view of the customer journey, campaign attribution, customer trends, volume trends, and more. The tool allows you to run complex queries that overlay customer information with data from across your operation giving you the insights you need to make smart, fast business decisions and turn the dial on customer experience.

Segmentation in Contact Manager is more powerful and easier to use.

It’s now easy to segment customer lists in Contact Manager using up to 185 different data points. Users can also easily create or modify segmentation templates and create advanced search and segmentation filters via a new and improved user interface.

​Digital Channels


Seize opportunities by reaching out to customers proactively over webchat.

You can now reach out to customers browsing on your site proactively rather than needing to wait for them to get in touch. Greeting can be automatically triggered based on page URL and time spent on page and the greeting message can be customized based on the context.

Webchat: Preview what customers are typing and more.

Agents can now preview what customers are typing in Webchat, as they type it, priming them to provide smart, fast responses once the customer presses send.

We now support emojis!

Customers can review agents with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down with records stored for review and analysis 👍 👎

Emojis can be used by both the customer and the agent, allowing for more personable conversations 🧐 🤓 😎.

Monitor your Webchat queues via our new dashboard.

The new webchat dashboard provides a real-time view of all unresolved and active chats. Managers can search for specific agents, thread statuses or queues, and read entire threads and conversations at will making oversight easier.

SMS & Email

Effectively manage your inbound SMS and Email traffic.

Our new SMS and Email inbound dashboards give managers comprehensive control over incoming customer SMS and email messages. Messages, threads and conversations can all be seen in one place and transferred between agents or back to the group ensuring customer needs are dealt with promptly and nothing falls through the cracks.

Exchange useful images with your customers over SMS.

Sending images over text is second nature to today’s consumers and expected as a standard feature of SMS communication with organizations. That’s why we’ve now introduced the ability for your agents to send and receive multimedia messages when conducting two-way SMS conversations.

Jpg, png, and gif are all supported, with the ability to send file sizes of up to 5MB.


We’ve also ramped up our quality and performance management capabilities in this release, too. Our WFO offering now allows non-LiveVox audio to be ingested into the system, enabling adoption of U-QM in mixed environments. LiveVox Chat/Email/SMS can now be searched and scored to ensure that multichannel customer communications are measured for compliance and quality. 

Scheduled campaign job enhancements

Managers can now schedule up to 20 campaign jobs in Contact Manager, increasing throughput. 

Leveraging the unified data model, Agent Scheduling provides reporting that allows a manager to generate a historical report of past agent resources used to support Shift Creation and agent assignment. We designed this to help ensure that contact center agents are working efficiently within their set schedules. Scheduling adherence and conformance data is now available in the Schedule Adherence Dashboard. Additionally. 

 scheduled hours with breaks are displayed with the actual LiveVox agent activity alongside from a daily or multi-date perspective. This is especially useful for keeping everyone on the same page while working from home. 

For more on what we’ve rolled out in the latest generally available LiveVox release, you can access the full webinar here

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