What is a workflow in a call center?

A workflow is a designated path that outlines the processes and steps that tasks must follow in order to be completed. Workflows usually follow this path: input, action, output.

Contact center workflows are used to create repeatable processes with predefined protocols. Intended to break down service bottlenecks and reduce agent busywork to improve overall productivity.

An example of a contact center workflow would be the support ticket process.A customer comes to your site, fills out a form, and that form enters an internal queue that will pass through your ticketing workflow. Many contact center workflows rely on automation to reduce friction for both customers and action and amplify service level and task execution.

More Workflow Resources for Call Centers:

Call & Contact Center Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform (

Empower agents through a single dashboard. Our omnichannel desktops can be easily tailored by function and task, enabling agents to deliver top-notch customer care across communication channels, empowered by interaction history and workflow, guided by scripts and a knowledge center.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Customer Service Software Overview (

Unified data with codeless automation. See data that exists in other systems in one view, sync information in tailored workflows, and automate processes based on triggered events using if/then rules built on customer attributes and interaction history.

What is Call Flow in a Contact Center? Meaning, Process & Systems | LiveVox

In a perfect world, all calls would unfold exactly to plan, providing the customer with just the right information or resolution they were looking for, right away. But, as you well know, that’s not the case in 100% of interactions. Call flows help you increase efficiency and achieve more effective resolutions more of the time.

By taking a look at how customers work their way through your call flows, you can improve scheduling efficiency almost immediately. To use the same restaurant scenario we just discussed, you might find that a disproportionate number of people are calling in the morning, when you’re closed, to make reservations for that evening. If you’re not taking action to address those missed calls, you’re losing out on revenue. Instead, you might route callers who are making a reservation to a remote agent who can help them outside of normal business hours or direct them to your online scheduling tool.

Creating An Automated Loan Origination Process | LiveVox

Improving the loan origination process looks like this:

  • Process efficiency
  • Informative communication
  • Accurate risk assessment
  • Faster, more efficient underwriting
  • Faster, unbiased decision making

When you improve your loan origination process you improve customer satisfaction while increasing your pool of loans. 

What’s a Cloud-Based Contact Center? Software & Technology | LiveVox

LiveVox is built on data-driven innovation. With comprehensive yet accessible reporting, leaders have the business intelligence they need to make more informed decisions and provide coaching to continuously improve agent performance. Built-in risk mitigation features help you maintain compliance without complex workflows, while consent is automatically tracked at every stage of the customer journey.

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