LiveVox Wallboards - What is a call center wallboard?

A wallboard is another word for a dashboard. Wallboards are used in the contact center to showcase real-time information related to the service operation.  

Wallboards and dashboards are visual displays of data and are used to provide at-a-glance information on performance metrics and KPIs. 

There are three types of wallboards: operational, strategic, and analytical. Examples of an operational wallboard would be current call volume rates and call wait time queues. A strategic wallboard presents a combination of operational and analytical data and can be both historical and forward-looking. Analytical wallboards are self-explanatory: they aggregate key data points and extract the most valuable insights to assist in decision making. 

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Big screen display. Create a command center on the agent floor with LiveVox’s Wallboards and project your real-time activity on big screens in the office. Go beyond standard contact center reports with Business Intelligence and Performance Analytics.

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The success of any contact center depends on the kind of software that’s implemented. Wallboards provide managers with the ability to keep track of individual agents or agent teams and stay on top of performance.

Part of the customization of the wallboards is configurable graphs, charts, or grids that display all sorts of data. The greatest perk of this software is that it’s all about choice. You choose how the data is presented to you. You also choose how the information is sorted, whether that’s by color, size, or position relative to the screen.

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Unlike legacy contact center software, which agents access from their desk in an onsite location, cloud-based contact center software is accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection. An all-in-one dashboard brings together every application agents need to do their jobs so they can provide seamless service across channels, even switching between them when necessary. Armed with the right information at the right time, agents are empowered to reach resolutions faster and provide more personalized service, which pleases customers.

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Stay in touch with your customers while they’re mobile by making it convenient to shift Voice conversations to digital. Combine omnichannel interaction history into flexible tickets to create continuous conversations across different channels, incidents, and agent workgroups.

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Call center analytics let you measure the efficiency of your customer experience, the effectiveness of agent workflows, and provide gap analysis for the entire operation.

And the great news is, you can monitor just about every aspect of your call center!

Like football teams, call centers use “footage” of past games to improve their future strategy. The only real differences are the tools and metrics used to analyze the play.

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