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A VoIP system sends voice signals over a packet-switched network instead of a traditional telephone network. What is a Voip Call Center Software?

VoIP call center software is what telemarketing companies use to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. VoIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a service that providers usually offer on a monthly subscription basis. VoIP call center software offers numerous features like caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, call routing, and IVR. VoIP software can integrate with other platforms, resulting in a seamless experience for both the agent and customer. One example is the way VoIP software works with a call center’s CRM. A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, stores important customer data. Each customer has their own account in the CRM, which gives agents information such as customers’ first and last names, addresses, call history, and contact information. When integrated into VoIP software, the CRM presents agents with a caller’s account. As a customer calls into a VoIP network, the CRM identifies the caller based on their phone number. It then opens up that customer’s account for the answering agent. This allows agents to create a personalized experience with each customer. They can revise the customer’s history and be better prepared to provide support.

Call centers frequently opt for VoIP phone systems because they are less costly to implement and maintain compared to their on-premise counterparts. Hard-wired phone networks involve expensive installation and maintenance. Troubleshooting on-site phone networks can be time consuming, since they usually require experienced technicians familiar with the hardware’s brand. With VoIP, troubleshooting is made simple, requiring a phone call to the provider. VoIP call center software also supports a remote work environment. Since calls are made over the Internet, agents can work from anywhere with a stable Internet connection.

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LiveVox VoIP also provides detailed call records that show all incoming and outgoing calls. This can be used to identify every single number an agent made and received, what time calls occurred, and the person they contacted. In addition, contact centers take advantage of call data to prepare for heavy call volume days through efficient scheduling. Analytics can also provide better routing capabilities. For example, you could route specific types of calls to agents with higher resolution rates that were visible through a call analytics report.

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In terms of costs, choosing between an on-premise call center and one that’s based in the cloud means choosing between up-front or ongoing expenses. An on-premise call center comes with a hefty front-end price tag for all of the hardware, labor, space, and other costs that come with getting everything set up. The system will need to be updated every few years as technology evolves, and that will cost you each time. A cloud-based contact center has low setup costs and instead is paid for via a monthly subscription with a predictable, recurring fee.

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