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definition of virtual agent, what is a Virtual Agent?

AI virtual agents, also known as an Intelligent Virtual Agent, are software that utilizes a set of rules and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interact with customers and carry out service and support interactions. A VA uses scripted rules and AI to provide automated service and guidance to customers. By leveraging natural language processing and conversational AI, they provide a more human-like approach to automation. 

Contact centers implement intelligent virtual agents as a stand-in for, or first interaction with, customer service teams. 

Intelligent VAs are similar to the commonly used chatbot. The difference lies in the capabilities. Chatbots search for keywords and provide standardized responses, answering a finite set of possible questions. intelligent VAs, on the other hand, can reply with pertinent questions to solve a customers’ concerns or gather additional information to escalate to a live agent.

Intelligent VAs are always available and, with the correct workflow automations, can get routine questions answered seamlessly.Intelligent virtual agents provide value for both the business and the customer. 

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Virtual Agents | LiveVox Blended Omnichannel Solutions

Answer calls from customers day and night, reduce hold times and call deflection rates, increase First Call Resolution while decreasing Average Handle Time, and even provide triggered links to customers via SMS or email.

Intelligent Virtual Agents: IVA Software & Service Guide

An intelligent virtual agent, also known as an IVA, is a software platform that utilizes a set of rules and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interact with customers. Businesses implement IVAs as a stand-in for, or first interaction with, customer service. 

AI Virtual Agents Lower Customer Service Costs

VAs save time. It is designed to collect information that it can pass along to human agents. Digital assistants can resolve up to 80% of routine requests. When you give people an answer on the spot, you are significantly improving the customer experience. 

Chatbots & Differences from IVR and Virtual Agents

At their most fundamental level, chatbots are AI-driven computer programs that simulate human conversation. Advanced IVRs take the legacy IVR touch-tone input one step further by comprehending the caller’s speech, albeit within the scope of understanding defined by programmed keywords.

Difference Between IVR and Virtual Agents?

Many bad experiences can be nipped in the bud with accurate call routing, first time call resolution, and efficient service. IVR and virtual agents are two tools that can improve the customer experience from the start. Here we explore what they are and how they differ. 

Benefits of Conversational IVR | Customer Service Strategies

Thanks to creative applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, IVRs can now gather information more accurately, predict customers’ needs, and save valuable time.

Meet eLVee, LiveVox’s New AI Virtual Agent

A LiveVox AI chatbot will improve CSAT and free up valuable time, allowing agents with AI to spend 64% of their time solving the most complex problems.

Top 12 Reasons To Have A Virtual Agreement

Here are the top 12 reasons to consider adopting a VA right now. There’s no need for a costly or time-intensive migration to a complicated system with our AI Virtual Agent Bundle. You don’t even need to move your agents to our platform.

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