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5 Tools for Your Global Call Center Solution. What are Call Center Tools?

Call center tools are used for various functions that support call center workflows and operations. There are several different types of call center tools. One example is software. Dialer software gives call center agents the ability to maximize efficiency and productivity by speeding up the dialing process. Instead of dialing numbers manually or one by one, dialer software automatically dials numbers for agents, saving them a significant amount of time. There are three different ways that dialer software functions. One is power dialing, which is when an agent clicks on a hyperlinked phone number—usually within a customer’s account in a CRM—and initiates a call. Predictive dialing is another mode in dialer software. This type of dialing assesses the number of available agents, call volume, and other factors to determine the maximum number of calls it can make at once. When a customer answers, a live agent is immediately connected. Progressive dialers allow agents to make phone calls back to back. As soon as an agent disconnects from a call, they go right back in the queue to receive another call.

VoIP software is a program that allows agents to make and receive calls over the Internet. VoIP is an alternative to on-premise PBX (Private Branch Exchange) setups. VoIP software is cloud-based, and is much less expensive than on-site phone network setups. This software gives agents access to traditional features like caller ID and call waiting, and also enhances the customer journey through its ability to provide features such as advanced, AI-driven IVR.

Speech analytics software is a tool that transcribes human voice and then assigns meaning to it. For example, if a customer calls in and uses the IVR system to make a payment, they would speak their selection into the phone so that the IVR system could either transfer them or provide a self-service option. Speech analytics software gives customers high-quality alternatives to waiting on hold to speak with an agent.

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Our omnichannel desktops can be easily tailored by function and task, enabling agents to deliver top-notch customer care across communication channels, empowered by interaction history and workflow, guided by scripts and a knowledge center.

Global Call Center Solutions: 5 Must-Have Tools – LiveVox

Offering multiple digital channels also lets you take advantage of omnichannel customer service. This means that your agents can switch between channels seamlessly in order to provide the best possible experience for each individual customer. And with the right tools in place, you can even track a customer’s journey across all of your channels and get a complete picture of their interactions with your company. 

Must-Have Call Center Tools: Equipment & Software Solutions | LiveVox

Things such as contact center size, purpose, channels, locations, in-house or outsourced, the available budget are all factors that will ultimately shape your contact center solution. Even with all of these variables, some technology tools can be considered constants in service effectiveness. In broad strokes, they are as follows:

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