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Cloud Ticketing System Overview - what is an Email ticket system? What is a Ticketing System?

A ticketing system is a software solution that helps customer support agents manage support requests effectively. It helps agents manage each incident, from the moment it’s submitted through the time it’s resolved. A ticketing system boosts your company’s IT support by keeping it organized and optimized.

The main advantage of a ticketing system is the ability to manage incoming support inquiries. This is crucial for companies that deal with a high volume of requests
Ticketing systems automate many pieces of the customer support process. This saves agents many hours of work and enables them to focus on providing more value to customers in other ways. For example, a ticketing system automatically pulls in previous customer history and other relevant information when an inquiry is submitted.

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An easier way to drive performance. Combine Ticketing data with other operational metrics in a Performance Analytics solution to expand your insight on ticketing trends and other factors impacting service escalation success. Learn other ways to drive performance.

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You can calculate the average help desk tickets received by agent users by adding up all of the tickets in your queue and dividing by the total number of agent users on staff. Normally your ticketing system will tell you who is assigned to what ticket case so you shouldn’t have to manually determine this figure.

You can drill down further and calculate your average resolution rate by following a similar formula. That is, take your total number of closed tickets in a given time period and divide that figure by the total number of the tickets opened in that same time period and multiply by 100. Then you’ll know on average how long cases stay open.

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Does this helpdesk software improve the creation and resolution time of tickets?

Your ticketing system is an essential part of how your customer experience flows. Tickets should be: 

  • Easy to submit 
  • Organized 
  • Detailed 
  • Prioritized 

In asking this question you’re looking to find out how many seconds you can shave off of your average handle time, workflow length, the number of departments a ticket must travel through, etc. 

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An IT ticketing system helps organizations manage and track customer service issues. It does this by identifying an issue when it is first reported and then creating a document known as a ticket to record interactions on a service or support case. Some ticketing software automatically creates tickets across multiple channels.

A customer can raise a request via SMS, social media, email, chatbot, etc., and the software creates a ticket in one unified platform. The ticket is then shared between the customer and the agent. It logs their communication in one continuous thread. If there is any confusion, both parties can easily refer back to the thread to review past information on the case. This will help clear up any misunderstandings that may arise.

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Since most issues are identical or similar to issues that have happened before, agents should be able to find the best approach recorded in the knowledge base. Agents can even attach answers from the knowledge base and FAQ to tickets. In case of exceptional queries, the agent who solves it can record and store the approach for others to refer to when in a similar situation.

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