Man on IVR. What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a sales and direct marketing method whereby agents make unsolicited or “cold” phone calls or digital outreach to contact lists about their products or services.

Telemarketing relies on automated dialing systems that create efficiency and help telemarketers get through call lists with accuracy and speed.

Telemarketing is also known as telesales and most representatives are responsible for lead generation and building a prospect pipeline for more seasoned sellers to nurture and close deals.

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Four Clouds System for Outbound Calling | Call Center Solutions (

Balance efficiency and risk mitigation. Optimize your engagement strategies and manage today’s regulatory requirements with four separate outbound dialing systems—three manual and one automated. Each system has different combinations of risk mitigation and productivity to fit your specific business needs.

Call Center Trend Predictions: It’s All About Solving Your Data Problem with AI in 2022 – LiveVox

Omnichannel solutions like LiveVox allow your customers to move across channels and distinguish you from your competitors quickly. You will have the power to provide personalization and convenient self-service options. Some examples include digital alternatives like email and messaging and wait-time features, including payment IVRs, place in line notifications, estimated hold times, callbacks, and more. 

You can easily configure the entire customer journey and streamline workflow creation. Quickly create more meaningful interactions that are dynamic and optimized for every customer engagement. When you can unify account-level data, you can tailor conversations based on their profiles to provide a human-like touch.

Guide to the AI Call Center: How To Revamp Your Customer Service – LiveVox

Low and no-code AI call center solutions that come with virtual agents and bots pre-integrated remove the complexity out of AI implementation, making it easy to understand and put into action. When you choose a platform that’s focused on practical capabilities that can be deployed and iterated on by the average business user, your customer experience will simplify and your backend operations will become more practical and accessible for teams to manage, making a measurable impact quickly without a huge up-front investment in new infrastructure.

Should You Outsource Your Call Center Services? – LiveVox

Most businesses will choose to outsource call center services for convenience and expediency. Outsourcing means you won’t have to invest in the infrastructure, hiring, and training required to maintain contact center operations. Outsourcing also affords the ability to service customers around the globe, so it’s an attractive strategy for many international businesses. There’s also the added bonus of entrusting seasoned specialists whose sole priority is customer service with handling your brand and customer experience reputation.

6 Considerations When Planning Call Center Outsourcing (

Depending on the type of inbound calls you receive, call center agents need to have varying levels of technical knowledge. To ensure your customers regard your organization as competent, call center agents need to be subject matter experts. Outsourced call centers that have experience working with organizations similar to yours are what you should seek out. They should have knowledge specific to your industry. This knowledge provides a solid base from which to build a customer engagement plan specific to your organization. Without this knowledge, the customer experience will be lacking.

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