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What are call center statistics?

Call center statistics are important metrics that gauge a call center’s overall performance from a business standpoint. They can also be used to measure individual agent performance. Monitoring these statistics helps leadership make better business decisions moving forward. They also provide team leaders with the information they need to better support agents that have room for improvement. Business intelligence and analytics software gathers and organizes data from different sources within a call center to create statistical reports. There are different metrics that are monitored to create a call center statistics report. A few examples of these metrics are net profit, total revenue, agent turnover rates, losses, and more. Call center statistics like these can guide leadership towards potential issues. Agent turnover can be a big problem for call centers. By monitoring agent turnover statistics, call center leadership can ensure that their hiring and training procedures are functioning optimally.

Call center statistics also help team leaders pinpoint specific areas that an agent may be struggling with. A few statistics that team leaders may monitor include Average Handle Time, Talk Time, Total Inbound Calls Answered, Total Outbound Calls Made, Sales Numbers, and Transfer Rates. If an agent consistently produces below-average numbers, supervisors can provide the coaching needed for them to get back on track. Other statistics, such as customer sentiment scores, provide insight into what customers may be feeling about the service they receive or about a company’s new products or offerings. Powerful AI-driven speech analytic tools can transcribe what customers say over the phone and determine whether their speech is positive, negative, or neutral.

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Surveys. Getting direct feedback from your customers is the easiest way to gather data about their satisfaction. Ask specific questions and you will get more useful data. CSAT surveys. CSAT surveys measure how your call center meets the needs of your customers. It gives customers a chance to give you feedback specific to their experience with your organization. The more detailed the feedback, the better your improvements can be.

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Improve contact center metrics with Speech Analytics. Speech Analytics helps decision-makers review contact center and agent interactions, understand what’s working and what’s not, and improve the quality of customer exchanges and experiences.

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