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A smartphone dialer is a tool that call centers use to help agents maximize productivity and efficiency when making outbound calls to customer smartphones. Dialer software allows agents to make phone calls over the Internet using VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol. Instead of using a hard-wired phone network setup to make outbound calls, call centers usually opt for a VoIP platform that integrates with different kinds of dialers. Call center software providers generally offer smartphone dialers as part of their monthly-based subscription. Call center leadership often leverages the advanced technology that providers implement into their dialer platforms to mitigate risk. Federal regulations under the FDCPA or TCPA prohibit certain telemarketing activities, so many automatic dialers are designed to keep call centers compliant. These regulations can be even more stringent when it comes to calling customer cell phones.

Smartphone dialers allow agents to reach more people in a shorter timespan. This is especially useful for outbound sales teams. By using their choice of lead lists, sales agents can make many calls back to back. Smartphone dialers can be used in different modes to accommodate an agent’s goals. One dialer mode is progressive dialing, which means that after an agent disconnects from a call, the dialer automatically calls the next number on the list. Predictive dialing is a bit more advanced. This type of dialing system will analyze agent availability, call volume, and other factors to make several calls at once. When a customer answers, a live agent is connected. Smartphone dialers can also act as power dialers. Agents can initiate a phone call by clicking on a hyperlinked phone number in a customer’s account within a CRM.

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Some dialers are better suited for larger organizations, while others are optimal for smaller centers with minimal primary functions. The type of operational workflows or equipment set in place can also determine what type of dialer would work most efficiently in your call center. In addition, dialer systems vary in price. Here are a few different types of dialers and how they’re used.

What Smartphone Dialer is Best? Power & Smart Dialing Options (

Although auto dialers can be very efficient, they don’t always work well for every scenario. Federal regulations, such as the TCPA, prohibit contact centers from using auto-dialers to call people on cell phones and smartphones. Violating this rule could result in hefty fines for a call center. Some may assume that it isn’t possible to complete outbound campaigns that contain cell phone numbers as efficiently as a campaign that does use an automated dialer. However, LiveVox has developed several dialer solutions to mitigate risk without sacrificing efficiency. Below you’ll find a description of the best LiveVox dialers contact centers can use when reaching out to smartphones.

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