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LiveVox Call And Screen Recording. What is screen recording?

Screen recording tools record agent screens to monitor call center customer interactions and provide complete visibility on agent-customer relations to help drive performance, quality, and compliance in the contact center.

Screen recording improves the customer experience by allowing managers to monitor and analyze 100% of interactions and use the insight to iterate towards better customer outcomes. 

Utilize screen recordings to improve agent workflows and power faster resolutions and a smoother customer experience. 

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Call Recording Software for Call Centers | LiveVox

Improve agent performance. Understand how agents are dealing with on-screen processes and provide highly detailed feedback in the form of annotated, synchronized call and screen recordings.

Benefits of Using Screen Recording for Contact Centers (

Screen recording software gives you complete visibility into your agent-customer interactions, which is an invaluable asset in terms of data.

With a combined analysis of every phone call and the accompanying screen activity, you have the power to learn from both individual conversations and collective trends. These can be a transformative source of business insights.

Equip Your Customer Service Reps to Support Seamless Customer Journeys: A Gartner® Report – LiveVox

The contact center landscape is always evolving but one thing that remains constant is the struggle for businesses to effectively engage with customers across different channels — with their personal preferences and interaction history at the forefront of each interaction.

In this report, Gartner® discusses the root causes of this challenge including agent knowledge and training gaps and fragmented workspaces. The report also explores how CX leaders can bring all aspects of the customer journey together to create one seamless, unified, and consistent experience for both customers and agents.

Best Compliance Controls For Your Contact Center | LiveVox

Compliance means operating under the requirements of all laws and regulations that apply to an industry. Laws of various types have been put into place to protect consumers, workers, and markets. Compliance regulations can cover data security, customer privacy, working conditions, transparency, fairness, and more.

Being compliant means following these laws. More specifically to the topic at hand, call center compliance means putting these regulations into practice during all communications with customers.

Sentiment Analysis Tools: What Are They, What Do They Do, And How To Use Them – LiveVox

Seasoned veterans of conversation (humans) often have difficulty discerning the sentiment behind a statement. This means the accuracy of the data gained from conversations isn’t always the highest. If your data is inaccurate then the conclusions you draw from it are meaningless.

What’s more, manual processing of all this data would take a lifetime, literally.

Artificial intelligence, text analysis, speech analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing have come a long way in the past few years. These technologies have turned sentiment analysis into a precise way to determine the emotional tone of conversations. It is automatic and requires little input once it has been configured.

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