Real-Time Adherence

What is Real-time adherence?

Real-time adherence is workforce management KPI that evaluates employee productivity based on whether agents are completing the tasks they are assigned in the designated time frames for that work to be accomplished. It is a productivity metric that indicates agent idleness and can be viewed alongside other KPIs such as average time to answer for a full picture of team and individual performance. 

More Real-Time Analytic Resources for Call Centers

Speech Analytics with Automated Quality Management | LiveVox

Improve CX, reduce risk, and drive down costs. Record and analyze 100% of voice, email, SMS, and chat conversations to identify behaviors that impact CX, compliance risks, and underlying reasons for repeat contacts.

The Past, Present, and Future of Speech Analytics – LiveVox

It’s real-time analysis and alerting that’s been most in demand lately, allowing for calls to be analyzed while they’re in progress. As with post-call analysis, this functionality is great with scripting adherence, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance.

Voice of the Customer: What Is It and How To Find It – LiveVox

An effective VoC program can be summed up in three main steps: listen, act, and analyze. You can further customize these steps, but they are the core pieces of a successful program.

Before choosing how your company will capture VoC, identify a common objective. Customer feedback runs the gamut. If you gather data without a specific objective in mind, it’s harder to implement the findings to improve your business.

Call Center Secret Weapon: Speech Analytics | LiveVox

Studies have found that the best way to develop Real-Time Adherence is through practice. Agents can practice soft skills like empathy, active listening, and de-escalation by leveraging real-time speech analytics. They can coach your agents during customer calls and provide recommendations.

Empathetic agents take ownership of the problem and strive to see it through. Your customers feel valued, heard, and taken care of.

What is Two-way Text Messaging? Conversational Business SMS Guide (

What makes conversational SMS so desirable is that after the initial point of consent, you can contact customers by text moving forward with information about updates, issues, and promotions, even invitations to join VIP programs, events, or surveys.

This creates a personalized experience by leveraging what you already know they want to know about. You can use the data you collect with each interaction to build on that value and generate new opportunities for more meaningful conversations.

In addition to fraud alerts, customers are more apt to receive texts about payment reminders, low balance alerts, etc. But the data shows they’re receptive to so much more.

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