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Call Center Service Providers: A Guide To Finding The Right Outsource Partner. What is a call center provider?

Call center providers are telemarketing companies that train and retain agents to make inbound and outbound calls on behalf of a client. Clients that contract call centers usually do so because they do not have the bandwidth to create their own phone service departments. Clients in various industries such as telecommunications, Internet, travel, and debt collection contract call centers to function as outside call support for their customers. Some may hire call center providers to act as an external sales department to generate leads. Call centers may specialize in sales and outbound calling and can help companies expand their customer base. Telecommunication and Internet companies often hire call center providers for customer service and tech support operations. Customers who need to troubleshoot their phone or Internet service can call a company’s tech support line and create a service ticket. They can also reach out to customer service to make payments or to update their contact information.

Other more specialized services that call centers provide include debt collection calls. Debt collection activities are heavily regulated, so many companies opt to contract experienced call centers that are familiar with those laws. This helps ensure that companies adhere to federal regulations as they attempt to recuperate funds. Call center providers also leverage dialer software to maximize their agents’ efficiency. The three main dialers used are power dialers, predictive dialers, and progressive dialers. They automate dialing in different capacities depending on what the call center agent is trying to achieve. Instead of manual dialing, which can take up time, automated dialers can reach more people in a shorter timespan.

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A call center is a centralized business department that handles incoming and outgoing calls between a company and their customers or potential customers. The people who answer the calls are call center agents or representatives. Call centers provide an array of services. Companies can choose to invest in creating and maintaining their own internal call center or outsource these functions to a dedicated call center service company.

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As we mentioned earlier, maintenance and upkeep of a traditional call center falls to that company’s IT staffers or contractors it hires, which gives the organization maximum control over its functions. A cloud-based contact center, on the other hand, is maintained by its service providers. Because legacy systems can be complicated and costly to update, companies often put off updates for longer than is advisable. This only compounds the problem of outdated technology. With a cloud-based platform, it’s easy to make changes as soon as new technology is available with little impact on costs or service levels.

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