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What are call center performance metrics and Call Center metrics?

Call center performance metrics are standards that leadership has in place for agents and the call center as a whole. These metrics are designed to ensure that the call center is profitable, customers are satisfied, leadership is making the right business decisions, and that agents have a positive work experience. There are many metrics that business intelligence software can track, such as overall call center revenue, profit, loss, and agent turnover. Analytical software can generate customizable metric reports.These reports can give call center executives a holistic overview of a call center’s performance. It is easier for leadership to zero in on potential problems and effectively intervene. Revenue, profit, and loss numbers are some of the most impactful metrics for any company. In the call center industry, agent turnover rates are often problematic. By implementing call center analytics software, leadership can address high agent turnover rates by identifying root causes. Performance metrics for individual agents include things like average handle time, talk time, first-call resolution rates, number of outbound and inbound calls, and transfer rates. Performance metric reports can indicate which agents who may be underperforming. Supervisors can leverage this data to intervene and provide additional coaching or training, all while helping reduce the call center’s overall agent turnover rate. Performance reports are also valuable because they help identify agents that are exceeding expectations. Team leaders can demonstrate best practices by sharing top agents’ call and screen recordings with other agents. Quality call recordings are a valuable tool that new trainees can use to gain a better understanding of what’s expected of them.   

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Unified Customer & Contact Center Analytics | LiveVox

Customizable real-time analytics dashboards. BI dashboards are embedded into the LiveVox platform empowering supervisors, quality managers, and frontline agents with quick access to key metrics and performance data when and where they need it for a holistic understanding of contact center performance.

Call Center Metrics that Matter – LiveVox

Call center metrics are typically collected in real-time and can cover a variety of details and call data. These metrics can be generated using contact center software. If you have not invested in contact center software yet then you may want to consider doing so, as it offers multiple automation tools and processes, including collecting data to give you a comprehensive view of your call center.

Self-Service Metrics to Help Evaluate Performance – LiveVox

Self-service options help your business thrive as you scale your contact center to support customers with high expectations for speedy and thorough service. Utilize the metrics above to optimize your channels and ensure your business is performing at its best and most efficient.

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