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LiveVox [SMS TCPA Outbound Strategy / Webinar] What is outbound call center service?

An outbound call center service is a telemarketing company that larger organizations contract to perform outbound calls. They often contract these companies to reach out to customers or leads because they do not have the department or resources needed to operate an internal call center. They may also lack the right staff needed to manage the demanding needs of a call center, especially since many industries can have their own set of stringent guidelines. Outbound call center services include debt collection, surveys, or sales. Privacy laws and regulations related to the FDCPA and TCPA must be followed when making certain types of outbound calls. Large companies contract outbound call center services for their expertise in these laws. Contracting an outbound call center saves clients a significant amount of time that would otherwise be required to build a new department. Companies can provide outbound call centers with brand guidelines to follow. This ensures that the company voice stays at the forefront and aligned with company standards.

Outbound call center services can also assist company clients increase their sales numbers and revenue. Sales experienced agents can make cold calls, warm calls, and follow up calls to generate new leads and close deals. Quite often, health organizations such as large hospital systems will contract outbound call center debt collection services. Since debt collection and healthcare are heavily-regulated industries, many outbound call centers have the compliance knowledge needed for those telemarketing practices. Hiring outside call centers with the right experience allows companies to focus on their main objectives.

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An outbound dialer is a software or cloud-based solution that allows your contact center to make outgoing calls. Outbound dialing systems help your agents expedite and automate the outbound calling, increasing efficiency and output. Depending on the efficiencies you’re trying to solve, there are four types of outbound dialer types to meet your needs.

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Besides political organizations and a few other outliers, most outbound calls focus on sales as the main goal. There are two main types of outbound calls: cold calls and warm calls.

Cold calls are when the customer has had no prior interaction with the company. Whereas warm calls are when the customer has had some interaction with the company, such as signing up for a newsletter or requesting more information.

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