Optimize Remote Agent Performance. What is call center escalation

Escalation in the contact center refers to the persistent rise in importance, severity, or scope of a customer issue, business process, or task. 

Effectively escalating customer issues means that these issues are dealt with faster. Ignoring customer issues has a habit of snowballing; if the issue isn’t resolved quickly, it can impact the organization as a whole or negatively reflect on your brand.

Ticketing systems are one solution for effectively managing issue escalation.  Ticketing systems can provide updates via customers’ preferred methods of communication. This transparency builds a sense of reassurance and trust that a company has acknowledged each request for support. It also considers the customers’ time.

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Because it’s a great de-escalation tool, call barging helps more customers leave the call feeling satisfied, which aids in retention. As a training tool, it helps new agents get comfortable faster, which means they reach full productivity sooner.

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Studies have found that the best way to develop emotional intelligence is through practice. Agents can practice soft skills like empathy, active listening, and de-escalation by leveraging real-time speech analytics. They can coach your agents during customer calls and provide recommendations.

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A virtual agent allows for quick response time, while also helping to escalate issues that need to be solved quickly. Like IVR, virtual agents are the first line of information gathering from customers and can often resolve issues prior to needing a human agent.

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Ticketing software, also called help desk software, stores tickets alongside the relevant customer data so that all the necessary information on a case is located in one place. This easy-to-use system empowers any agent to jump in and take over a case regardless of whether they’ve worked on it in the past. It also gives managers and administrators a quick debrief on what’s been done so far and where things stand.

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