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Cloud Ticketing System Overview - what is an Email ticket system? What is a Ticketing System?

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What is an Email Ticket System?

Email ticket systems work by intaking customer requests via email. 

Email ticket systems contain custom fields that outline the specific issue details required to resolve an issue.. These systems may also  prioritize support requests based on field data and route them to the appropriate agent. Agents can then pull up each email  ticket and learn more information about the customer. They can view their contact history and important context to the problem. After the issue is resolved, agents close the ticket and mark as done. 

For more on ticketing systems, see ticketing systems. 

Why should you have an email ticketing system?

While handling emails through a regular email account may be possible for smaller businesses, at LiveVox, we believe that an email ticketing system is the optimal solution for mid to enterprise level organizations. Ticketing systems like the one provided by LiveVox offer specialized features that prevent emails from being lost and enable teams to work collaboratively through the queue with ease.An email ticketing system is an essential tool for any business that wants to provide excellent customer service. Here are some key reasons why you should have an email ticketing system:

Streamlined communication: An email ticketing system helps you keep track of customer inquiries and support requests in one centralized location. This streamlines communication between customers and support teams and helps reduce response times.

Efficiency: Email ticketing systems provide automation and workflow features such as pre-written responses, canned messages, and ticket routing that help support teams operate more efficiently.

Prioritization: Most email ticketing systems allow you to assign priorities to support requests. This helps ensure faster response times for urgent issues and also helps you identify trends in support requests and anticipate customer needs.

Analytics and reporting: Email ticketing systems often have analytics and reporting capabilities that help track key metrics such as response times, ticket volume, and customer satisfaction. These insights help you identify areas of improvement, optimize workflows, and improve the overall customer experience.

Accountability: An email ticketing system provides accountability by tracking the status of support requests and assigning them to specific team members. This helps ensure that customer requests are being addressed in a timely fashion and that no requests get overlooked.

How does an email ticket system for customer support work?

At LiveVox, we know the value of providing efficient service to customers and enhanced experiences to agents. That’s why we offer a support ticketing system that assigns a unique ticket or case number to each service inquiry. The result is a system that allows you to track the issue from start to resolution, no matter your role in the contact center. With our ticketing system, you can efficiently manage service inquiries and quickly provide the solutions your customers, partners, and agents need.

A support ticketing system works by creating a unique identifier for every customer support inquiry that comes in. Each ticket contains the details of the issue or question along with any relevant customer information. The ticket is then logged into a central system where it can be tracked, managed, and updated by the support team.Tickets can be assigned a priority level, category, or status, and can include notes, files, or screenshots to help the support team get a clear understanding of the issue. Support agents can collaborate on tickets and add internal notes or solutions to help with future tickets.

Support ticketing systems also include reporting and analytics tools to help monitor team performance, track ticket volume, and identify trends. This data helps businesses make informed decisions about how to improve their support operations and the overall customer experience.

What are the benefits of using an automated ticketing system?

There are several benefits to using an automated ticketing system for managing customer support and service requests. Here are some of the key benefits:

Speed and efficiency: Automated ticketing systems can process service requests quickly and efficiently, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction. With automation, businesses can handle larger volumes of requests without expanding their support team.

Organization and prioritization: Automated ticketing systems use algorithms to analyze and categorize service requests, assigning priority levels and routing them to the appropriate team members. This ensures that urgent requests are addressed quickly and that no requests go unanswered.

Improved customer experience: Automated ticketing systems provide self-service options such as FAQs, knowledge bases, and chatbots, helping customers resolve issues quickly on their own. This empowers customers and frees up human support agents to handle more complex inquiries.

Centralized customer information: Automated ticketing systems store all customer inquiries and support requests in a centralized location, making it easier for support teams to access information and collaborate on solutions. This also helps maintain quality control by ensuring consistency in responses to common issues.

Analytics and business insights: Automated ticketing systems provide valuable analytics and insights into customer behavior, allowing businesses to identify trends, anticipate customer needs, and continuously improve their support operations. This data can also be used to optimize support resources, reduce costs, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

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LiveVox Helps You

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  • Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Attract and retain the best agents
  • Get immediate KPI and bottom line gains
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