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Customer service software is any tool or suite of tools that allows businesses to interact with, track, and manage customer relationships. Customer service software, or customer management software as it is also sometimes referred to, can consist of a single chatbot or email solution or include a broad array of tools that enhance workforce management and business intelligence while also enhancing customer interactions. 

The difference between this specific software type and customer service management software is a matter of breadth. This software is an umbrella term used to refer to all of the tools and features needed for a business to manage a customer service operation. 
Customer service management software more specifically refers to tools like CRM that are concerned with tracking detailed interactions. A great example of this type of customer service management software is customer service ticketing software. Customer service ticketing software keeps track of customer issues so support teams can respond in an organized and timely fashion.

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Call Center CRM Software | LiveVox CRM Solutions

A purpose-built CRM that integrates to other data sources for knowledge on-hand so you can focus on experience consistency. From unified data to configurable agent desktops, our purpose-built CRM provides your agents with everything they need to deliver exceptional service.

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Learn how contact centers are leveraging Unified Ticketing to create a customer-first experience.  Provide your team with a transparent tool that lets them drive the quick resolutions your customers want.

What’s a Cloud-Based Contact Center? Software & Technology

A cloud-based call center also called a cloud call center, is a web-based software platform for handling a company’s inbound and outbound communications. Unlike legacy contact center software, which agents access from their desk in an onsite location, cloud-based contact center software is accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Customer Service Software: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Customer service software is a valuable investment for companies of all sizes. The most basic role of customer service software is to provide a centralized system – known as a ticketing system – where service agents can track, prioritize, manage, and resolve customer queries on a large scale.

Inbound vs Outbound Calls: What’s the Difference in Customer Service?

One of the most important factors in selecting call center software is integration with your current systems and operations compliance. At LiveVox, we believe businesses should have the option to supplement rather than replace their existing systems with a simplified API approach, so agents get up and running quickly. 

Inbound calls are phone calls that come into a call center from customers or potential customers. Most inbound calls are related to customer service, but they can also be sales or marketing calls. Inbound call centers typically have a team of customer service representatives who answer inbound calls and help customers with their needs. The inbound call center agents work with customers to resolve their issues as efficiently as possible.

Enhancing Online Chat Customer Service | LiveVox Call Center Software

Live chat is beneficial to customers and agents alike. Adding live chat software to a website improves customer satisfaction by improving agent efficiency. 

For contact centers, providing quality customer service is paramount. Disgruntled customers are much more likely than happy customers to tell people about their experiences. You’ve probably heard this statement countless times because it dates back to 1980 from a study conducted for Coca-Cola by TARP.

Fast forward to 2022 and the amount of people a dissatisfied customer has the ability to reach is much larger. The average person has 338 friends on any given social media platform. One post on their page has the potential to not only reach their friends but their friends’ friends, their friends’ friends’ friends, so on and so forth. So, how do you ensure your customers have the best experience possible?

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