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U-CRM. What is a Customer service platform?

A customer service platform is a software tool that call centers implement to help agents perform various customer service related tasks. A customer service platform can support different call center functions such as sales, debt collection, tech support, surveys, and order support. Agents can use these platforms to manage both inbound and outbound calls. These platforms give agents access to omnichannel communication with customers. For example, a CRM is a customer service platform that houses all important customer data such as contact information, addresses, names, and contact history. Integrated omnichannel communication tools allow agents to reach out customers directly from their CRM accounts. They could initiate a call, email, or SMS message.

Customer service platforms can record customer payments, new orders, and interactions. Since these platforms record contact history, agents can use that information to provide better support for customers that call in more than once with complex issues. If a customer needs to change their address or phone number, an agent can easily change their information through the platform. Call centers that focus on sales transactions benefit significantly from the recorded history housed in a customer service platform. For example, if an upset customer calls in to request a refund for a service provided, an agent could take a look at the caller’s contact history to verify that the request falls under their company’s 30-day refund period. A smooth refund interaction helps provide a better customer experience. A CRM provides agents with highly valuable information that helps them provide quality support for customers that need help.

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LiveVox seamlessly integrates Omnichannel Communications, CRM, AI, and Workforce Engagement Management to create better customer experiences and improve agent performance while achieving the highest levels of risk mitigation and data security.

What is a Customer Service Platform? (

The ability to communicate with customers through their method of choice is one way that companies meet their customers where they’re at. Not all customer service platforms provide omnichannel support, and this can prove cumbersome for customers who do not have time to be on the phone. LiveVox, which develops high-powered call center solutions, offers an omnichannel solution within their customer service platform. Agents can interact with customers not only via phone, but through SMS, webchat, and email too.

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Research proves that text messaging has six times the engagement of email. SMS messaging consistently shows high read and open rates resulting in better engagement over other types of customer support.

Additionally, emails and phone calls require higher bandwidth and connection requirements while text messages don’t. SMS messages deliver faster results and improved accessibility.

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