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What is Customer service message?

Customer service messages are messages that agents in a call center environment can deliver to customers through email, SMS, chat, and voice. Now, as many call centers have transitioned to omnichannel communication platforms, customers and agents are able to interact through these various channels. Customer service agents can send messages through a call center messaging platform. A call center messaging platform can be integrated into a CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Management software. A CRM contains customer information such as phone numbers, emails, and call history. Agents can leverage their CRM to initiate or respond to customer messages. One example of this is when an agent tries to reach a customer about an upcoming promotion. Agents can attempt to reach a customer by phone. If they reach voicemail, agents can leave a recorded customer service message. Many customers prefer text, so agents sometimes opt to send customers an SMS message. The process can also work the other way around when a customer initiates an interaction. Customers can send messages to a customer service agent’s designated SMS number. Alternatively, customers can also send a message through email.

Many call centers provide customer service for companies in industries like telecommunications, utilities, and lenders. As a result, agents may need to leave their customers a message for various reasons. Some call centers focus on debt collection, so agents may need to leave customers a message with their contact information. For subscription based services, agents may need to leave messages for customers that have missed a payment to avoid suspension. Other times they may need to notify customers of changes related to their accounts.

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Send individual or bulk SMS messages. Easily launch mass SMS campaigns to your contact lists or allow support teams to engage in two-way conversations with existing or potential customers.

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Even if you’ve never actively reached out to contact a brand, if you’ve purchased a product or service in the modern world, then you’ve interacted with a digital messaging system. Shipping notifications, appointment reminders, marketing emails, and promotional text messages are just a few of the common examples of digital messaging we encounter in everyday life.

Business messaging systems are invaluable for providing support and making sales. They allow brands to send personalized product recommendations, share promotions, provide useful informational resources, and keep agent workloads manageable, all of which contribute to better performance.

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To build your SMS messaging database, you first need consent to engage with a customer. To do so, you need to ask their permission. Obtaining consent for the initial touchpoint is critical, but it’s an ongoing affirmation.

This is because brand-to-customer SMS messaging is protected by the same regulations as calls to cell phones. Just like there are rules about how you can conduct calls to cell phones that come with some pretty steep fines, TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) governs text messages, too. In broad strokes, TCPA states that organizations must obtain written, explicit consent from the customer before contact can be made on a mobile channel.

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