Customer Segmentation

What is Customer Segmentation?

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What is Customer Segmentation?

In the context of a contact center, customer segmentation refers to the process of categorizing a company’s customer base into distinct groups or segments based on shared characteristics, behaviors, or preferences. This segmentation enables businesses and contact centers to tailor their marketing, customer service, and engagement strategies to better meet the unique needs and expectations of each customer segment.

Segmentation relies on data analysis to identify commonalities among customers. Data sources may include demographic information, purchase history, interaction history, geographic location, and more. The criteria for segmentation can vary widely depending on the business goals. Common segmentation criteria include age, gender, income level, buying frequency, purchase history, and communication channel preferences. Understanding how different customer segments prefer to communicate (e.g., phone, email, chat, social media) allows contact centers to engage with customers through their preferred channels. Contact centers can craft tailored messages and communication strategies for each segment. This includes marketing campaigns, product recommendations, and support interactions.

In a nutshell, customer segmentation allows contact centers to categorize customers into meaningful groups, enabling them to provide customized experiences and more effectively meet customer needs. It enhances customer engagement, satisfaction, and long-term loyalty while optimizing operational efficiency and revenue generation.

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5 Ways to Do Customer Segmentation Through Your CRM

Customer segmentation is when you put your customer base into different categories like demographics, purchase history, or other similar groups that are relevant to your business. 

When your customer base is divided into neat little segments based on a shared similarity, it’s much easier to be able to cater to their particular interests when creating new marketing campaigns. Your shot in the dark just turned into a well-lit archery range!

Segmentation & Targeting for Call & Contact Centers – CRM

LiveVox’s contact center Segmentation & Targeting allows organizations to easily create segmented campaign lists, persona groups, and targeted journeys based on history for personal experiences informed by dynamic data and access.

Our unified CRM enables workflow waterfalls for continual multichannel contact attempts. Users can sync information across systems and manage lead lists in one place to create targeted campaigns based on past outcomes, channel preferences, the number of contact attempts, customer segmentation, or any rule needed. And, users can access rich analytics that provide the insights needed to understand performance and drive your business forward.

Cases of Predictive Analytics in the Call Center

Customer segmentation allows you to group customers by shared traits. You can make predictions about how each segment’s preferences might change, what actions they may take, and their future needs. You can make data-driven decisions about how to best serve each segment. 

Did you know?
Contact Center AI is easy to do with LiveVox - Get the AI Starter Kit

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