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Why Your Omnichannel Customer Experience Needs Omnichannel Analytics - What is customer experience?

Customer experience, sometimes abbreviated as CX, is the impression your customers have of your brand along the entire customer journey you’ve created. 

This includes the digital and in-person worlds and can encompass a number of touchpoints, ranging from face to face to contact centers to automated or virtual experiences on websites and mobile apps.

Together, all the various interactions a customer has with an organization contribute to the overall customer experience. 

There are four major components of great CX. They are:

  • Personalized products and services
  • Seamless omnichannel experiences
  • Self-service and live chat options
  • Loyalty programs and rewards for customers

Good customer experience removes friction points and aims to make things as simple, fast, and easy for customers as possible. 

Common friction points include:

  • Web forms are too complex
  • Wait times are too long
  • It’s hard to navigate to the right person through your IVR
  • Re-entering information multiple times
  • Challenges when using multiple channels. 

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Call & Contact Center Omnichannel CX Platform

Drive customer engagement and loyalty with personalized experiences that reduce customer effort and exceed expectations, regardless of the communication channel. LiveVox’s customer experience management platform makes it easy for customers and agents.

Solutions – Improve CX

Prioritizing the actions necessary to deliver better customer experiences can be challenging. LiveVox combines best practices and technology to help drive your CX initiatives.

Inbound Customer Service Best Practices

Losing one-third of your customers to bad CX is absolutely preventable. Design your CX strategy based on data to create a holistic customer experience. Use a unified CRM to view many interactions across channels to pinpoint areas across the customer journey for improvement. 

Customer Experience Management Is Key in Contact Centers

Customer experience management (CXM) is one of the most important practices that a company implements in its contact center. In today’s market, customers rarely base their loyalty on products or prices. Instead, they stay loyal to companies based on their experiences.

You’re probably wondering how to avoid these challenges with CX management. With the right process and CXM software, your team can bypass these problems and hit the ground running.

How To Use CX Data Analysis For The Biggest Impact – LiveVox

The first source of CX data should be your customers themselves via feedback surveys. According to a study by the global business research firm Gartner, customer feedback can increase the success rate of upselling and cross-selling efforts by 15 to 20% while decreasing customer retention costs by as much as 25%. Net promoter score (NPS) and customer satisfaction (CSAT) score are two useful types of customer feedback to actively gather and analyze.

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