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What is cost per call?

Cost per call (CPC) is a metric used in contact centers to measure the average cost incurred for handling a single customer interaction or phone call. It is a critical financial and operational indicator that helps contact center managers and organizations assess the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their customer service operations.

To calculate the cost per call, you typically divide the total expenses associated with running the contact center by the total number of calls or customer interactions handled during a specific period. This calculation takes into account various direct and indirect costs, including:

1. Labor Costs: These include salaries, wages, and benefits for customer service representatives (CSRs), supervisors, and other contact center staff involved in handling calls.

2. Technology Costs: Expenses related to contact center infrastructure, including hardware, software, telephony systems, and customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

3. Overhead Costs: Indirect costs such as rent, utilities, office space, and administrative expenses that support the contact center’s operations.

4. Training and Development Costs: Costs associated with training and ongoing development of CSRs and other staff members.

5. Maintenance and Support Costs: Expenses for maintaining and supporting the technology and equipment used in the contact center.

6. Outsourcing Costs: If a portion of the contact center’s operations is outsourced to third-party providers, the fees paid to these providers would be factored into the cost per call.

7. Other Miscellaneous Costs: Any additional costs related to contact center operations that are not covered by the above categories.

The cost per call metric is essential for contact centers and organizations for several reasons:

1. Cost Control: It helps organizations identify areas where cost savings can be achieved, leading to more cost-efficient operations.

2. Performance Measurement: Cost per call is a key performance indicator (KPI) used to evaluate the financial performance and productivity of the contact center.

3. Budgeting and Planning: It assists in budgeting and forecasting for contact center operations and allows organizations to allocate resources effectively.

4. Benchmarking: Comparing the cost per call to industry benchmarks or competitors can provide insights into the competitiveness of the contact center.

Efforts to reduce the cost per call often focus on improving processes, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing technology to increase efficiency without compromising the quality of customer service.

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Increase Contact Center ROI & Reduce Costs

One of the highest costs for any contact center is the talent. Human agents cost money, and a lot of it. The first step to reducing costs is to optimize the work of the live agents.

Here are several ways:

  1. Measure and improve: Monitor your agents’ calls with listening technology in order to understand roadblocks, areas for improvement, and wins. When you see an inefficiency, you can fix it quickly after analyzing performance. Improvements can include a script rewrite, additional training, or new ideas to motivate agents.
  2. Reduce handle times: Find ways to decrease the amount of time an agent needs to remain on the phone with a customer. An ACD system can route callers to the correct agents with relevant expertise, reducing the number of call transfers. An integrated CRM can provide a full history of previous interactions so that the agent can anticipate a customer’s needs. Implementing automation, which we’ll dive into below, can expedite handle times, or eliminate the need to get on the phone completely.
  3. Empower your agents: Provide your agents with the tools to be successful. Give them the space and training to learn and grow their skills to provide callers with the best customer service. 

How VoIP Call Center Solutions Save You Money

VoIP call center solutions save businesses time and money. VoIP is easy to implement, less expensive, and easier to maintain compared to an onsite PBX wired network. It’s also easier for customers to use since there are no long distance charges or disconnection fees.

VoIP Providers: Everything You Need to Know

VoIP providers lower your contact center’s cost-per-call. Using the internet to make phone calls instead of traditional phone lines means that only one line is needed for both people talking. This is because the call data is sent over the internet, rather than using a physical line. VoIP makes domestic and long-distance calls cheaper overall.

Plus, most VoIP providers offer flat-rate pricing for unlimited calling plans within the United States and Canada. And international rates are often more affordable than what you would get with a traditional phone carrier.

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