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Can Your QA Scorecards Create Stronger Security? Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

Contact Center Quality Monitoring Scorecards are performance metrics contact centers use to identify and improve internal agent performance and their resulting customer outcomes.

Contact center quality management scorecards are used to calculate agent performance during customer calls. Quality management scorecard criteria is based on the specific goals, policies, and processes in a contact center. Contact center quality monitoring scorecards provide managers with a comprehensive view of customer interactions regardless of channel. Managers can easily monitor how an agent engages with a customer on the phone and also see what the agent is typing in an email, chat, or SMS.

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Reduce Risk With Quality Scorecards | LiveVox

Leverage keyword search to ensure agents adhere to key compliance requirements and minimize performance gaps through capabilities such as agent scripts. Automated scorecards leverage the power of speech analytics to evaluate 100% of an agent’s interactions.

Inbound & Outbound Voice Software for Call & Contact Centers

Provide your agents with the information and tools they need to engage each customer upon connection and personalize every conversation. Quickly and efficiently get in touch with prospects, using multiple channels with personalized offers that keep them coming back. LiveVox offers inbound, outbound, and blended contact center solutions, enabling you to choose the right option to meet your business needs.

What is Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)? Your 2-Minute Guide

Businesses that go with CCaaS can achieve a great deal. A major positive aspect is an ability to better support all remote staff. The customer experience is improved, as well, and this is always the ultimate goal of any contact center.

Using Speech Analytics Software to Scale QA in the Contact Center

One area that contact centers should focus on is quality assurance. Using speech analytics to scale quality assurance in the contact center will ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction and therefore more business.

Why Your Contact Center Needs Speech Analytics

Improvements in speech analytics technology and contact center quality monitoring scorecards over the last decade have seen it grow as a tool that can be incredibly effective at helping businesses to develop that understanding. Better transcription, the ability to analyze conversation sentiment as well as the ability to analyze speech and text, real-time attributes, and AI capabilities have all added up to make speech analytics a tool that can truly reveal the voice and experience of the consumer.

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