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Outbound call center compliance refers to the process of ensuring that your outbound call center is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. What are outbound call center solutions? What is Call Center Compliance?

Call center compliance is a term used to describe a call center’s adherence to federal rules and policies that are meant to regulate call center activities. Regulations under laws like the FDCPA or TCPA prohibit telemarketers from making calls in specific situations and scenarios. Call centers must ensure to monitor compliance or they risk facing lawsuits and expensive fines. For example, the national Do Not Call registry is a list of phone numbers that consumers have the right to add their phone numbers to. Once a consumer places their phone number on the DNC, telemarketing companies are not allowed to contact them. Other rules enforced under these acts include prohibiting telemarketers from calling consumers after a certain time of day, or from calling someone excessively during a specified period of time. Since a call center’s agents can easily talk to thousands of people each day, it can be difficult to accurately monitor compliance.

However, advanced technology designed for the call center can track compliance continuously and provide leadership with reports to ensure adherence. Screen and call recording software helps call centers keep track of compliance measures. Tools such as speech analytics work in conjunction with call recording to help identify high-risk keywords that could violate compliance. Team supervisors can focus on coaching those agents that present high-risk calls. Other tools that mitigate risk include automated scorecards. Automated scorecards are customizable reports that score agents’ performance for every call. Leadership can set up scorecards to highlight compliance related metrics, providing an individual and measurable overview of each agent’s ability to mitigate risk.

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Outbound call center compliance refers to the process of ensuring that your outbound call center is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. This can be a complex and daunting task, as there are a variety of federal and state laws that regulate outbound call centers. The landscape of compliance is always changing, so it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

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A battle-tested approach to the TCPA. Limit TCPA exposure with the right mix of technology and consent management. Whether your focus is origination, servicing, or collections, our HCI® and HTI® systems help you reduce federal compliance risk , and our optional HCI® Select feature offers enhanced protection for state-specific laws.

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Encourage team building and create opportunities for career growth within your call center. On a technology level, find a customer service software that empowers your agents and offloads incoming customer inquiries. A knowledge base is a great resource to create for agents and customers alike. Customers can find answers to their questions in a single resource hub without having to talk to an agent.

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