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Which Dialer is Best for Cold Calling? What is cold calling software?

Cold calling software is a tool that call centers use which allows agents to make outbound cold calls. Cold calls are calls that agents make to prospective customers whom they haven’t spoken with. Cold calling software works by providing agents with three dialing modes. Agents can use the software in the dialing mode that suits their overall goals. For example, if agents need to reach a certain number of calls by the end of the day, they can use the cold calling software’s progressive dialer feature. A progressive dialer automatically dials numbers back to back for agents. As soon as someone picks up the phone, the agent is connected. When the call is disconnected, the dialer automatically calls another number. This is perfect for agents that are cold calling and trying to meet a high number of outbound calls. The cold calling software can also be set up to bypass voicemails and busy signals, further improving efficiency.

Cold calling software also leverages predictive dialing, which is a technique that involves calling multiple numbers at once and connecting a live agent once someone answers the phone. The software can analyze different sources of data to determine how many outbound calls it should make at once. Power dialing is the other option. This method gives agents more time to revise a customer’s account before each call, and will dial out only when an agent is ready to proceed. This dialing method works well for account-based ownership systems and is still faster than manual dialing.

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Which Dialer is Best for Cold Calling? – LiveVox

A great dialer for cold calling should be able to integrate with your existing systems so that you can manage all of your customer interactions in one place. This includes things like your CRM, help desk, and live chat. Dialers help your business save time. If you have to manually set up your system and constantly check if it’s integrating well with your other systems, it’s a counterproductive investment.

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Calling people who have not expressed interest in your product or service, but may be in your target market. Think it’s ineffective? Quite the opposite actually, as 82% of buyers accept meetings with sellers who cold call.

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