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CX Cloud Solutions and Their Impact on Call Centers. What is Cloud CX?

Cloud CX is short for Cloud Customer Experience. A cloud customer experience refers to the way virtual call center agents and workflows impact the customer journey. A cloud-based call center differs from traditional on-site PBX. On-site phone networks require expensive physical hardware that must be maintained by experienced technicians. A cloud-based call center’s network is located virtually in an online server. Also referred to as a virtual call center, these phone setups are much more efficient because they require less maintenance and are much less expensive. Agents are able to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Cloud-based call centers can offer a wide variety of tools to enhance the customer journey. For example, they can provide call centers with features like call recording, IVR, virtual agents, and omnichannel capabilities. The customer cloud experience is elevated in different ways thanks to those tools. For example, IVR, or Integrated Voice Response, is a system that can transcribe human dialogue. When customers call in, they speak their needs into the phone and the IVR can help by routing them to the right person. The IVR system also provides self-service options.

Cloud-based call centers can also provide omnichannel support. Customers can communicate with companies through the channel of communication of their choice such as SMS, voice, email, and chat. Agent training and coaching is also improved, which can have a positive impact on customer and agent interactions. Through highly effective screen and call recording techniques, team supervisors can narrow down on which areas agents need improvement the most. As a result, the customer experience is enhanced through a training-based approach.

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Adaptable Cloud IVR Messaging. LiveVox’s modern IVR is nimble and adapts quickly to changes in your business with the ability to modify IVR messages on the fly:

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Cloud PBX systems are overall much less expensive. No server or complicated wiring is required on-site, so installation costs are generally only the cost of the VoIP phones. If a contact center already has VoIP phones, they can use those instead of purchasing new ones. VoIP phones can cost as little as $5 per user per month if companies decide to use softphones. Physical VoIP phones vary in price because of the different features they offer, so the cost can be anywhere from $50 to over $100 per phone. Cloud PBX monthly fees usually range between $20 to $30 per user.

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Unlike legacy contact center software, which agents access from their desk in an onsite location, cloud-based contact center software is accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection. An all-in-one dashboard brings together every application agents need to do their jobs so they can provide seamless service across channels, even switching between them when necessary. Armed with the right information at the right time, agents are empowered to reach resolutions faster and provide more personalized service, which pleases customers.

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