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Cloud based contact center solution. - What is a cloud-based contact center?

A cloud-based call center, also called a cloud call center, is a web-based software platform for handling a company’s inbound and outbound communications. Since it’s based in the cloud, there’s no need for a physical location to house the technology. This also means it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, which gives you the flexibility to employ remote agents all over the world and scale your workforce to meet demand on an as-needed basis.

A cloud-based call center is built around the core technologies of the automatic call distributor (ACD) and the interactive voice response (IVR) system, but it’s not limited to voice calls. It can manage a wide range of communication channels, including email, SMS, live chat, and social media. It also has built-in workforce optimization capabilities to help you manage staffing, as well as reporting tools that allow you to pinpoint your most profitable opportunities for growth.

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Cloud IVR System For Call Centers | Contact Center IVR Software

LiveVox’s modern IVR is nimble and adapts quickly to changes in your business with the ability to modify IVR messages on the fly: upload your own recordings, use our multi-language Text to Speech (TTS), and access our library of professional voice talents.

What’s a Cloud-Based Contact Center? Software & Technology

A cloud transition strategy is a high-level plan a business creates for adopting or moving existing on-premises or hosted systems and the data they house into the cloud.

Cloud vs. On-Premise Call Center Phone Systems. What’s Best?

In a cloud contact center, all the functions an agent needs are available in a single application, which ends the screen-toggling runaround. Convenient features like auto-dialing and automatic consent gathering are baked into the software to minimize the steps required to service each call.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy: The Best of Both Worlds

A hybrid cloud-based IVR can help shoulder the burden of high call volumes. You can easily enhance the predetermined actions your IVR can carry out based on performance data to meet the needs and demands of your customers.

5 Signs It’s Time to Move Your IVR to the Cloud

Contact center cloud solutions give you the ability to jolt it back to life. You can add features to your IVR that create a great customer experience and improve some important key performance indicators (KPIs).

Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure (CBCCI)

Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure (CBCCI) includes hosted dialer, digital, and supporting customer engagement solutions. CBCCI is adaptable for any work environment: on-site, work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid. LiveVox’s public cloud infrastructure is robust and reliable, and incorporates expanded geographic availability, speed, improved security and enhanced reliability. 

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