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What is a Call Whisper?

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What is a Call Whisper?

Call whisper is a feature commonly used in contact centers and call center environments, especially during phone conversations between customer service representatives (CSRs) and customers. Call whisper is a form of real-time audio coaching or assistance provided to the CSR by a supervisor or manager without the customer hearing the conversation.

Here’s what call whisper in the contact center is typically used for: 

Monitoring: A supervisor or manager actively listens to a live call between a CSR and a customer. This monitoring can be done through call recording and live listening features of call center software.

Whispering: If the supervisor deems it necessary to provide guidance, instructions, or information to the CSR during the call, they can use the call whisper feature. The supervisor speaks directly to the CSR through a headset or communication tool, but the customer on the other end of the call cannot hear this communication.

Coaching and Support: The supervisor can offer real-time advice, suggestions, or additional information to assist the CSR in handling the call more effectively. This guidance can be related to compliance, script adherence, resolving customer issues, or any other aspect of the interaction.

Enhancing CSR Performance: Call whisper is an essential tool for training, coaching, and ensuring quality control in contact centers. It allows supervisors to offer immediate support and correction to agents while they are engaged with customers, contributing to improved agent performance and customer satisfaction.

Discretion: The customer’s experience is not disrupted by the supervisor’s input, ensuring a seamless and professional interaction. Call whisper ensures that the customer perceives the CSR as knowledgeable and capable.

Call whisper is just one of the features within LiveVox’s call center suite of tools aimed at improving customer service quality and agent performance. It helps maintain high standards of service delivery, ensures compliance with company policies and industry regulations, and provides valuable opportunities for ongoing agent training and development.

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