Call Routing

What is Call Routing?

Call routing is an automatic call distribution and management process that allows contact center phone systems to place incoming calls into queues and direct them to the appropriate recipient. 

Call routing isn’t just for incoming calls but digital messages, too. Routing software can be used to move customer queries to the agents or departments most qualified to handle them, driving-up first call resolution and improving customer experience. Routing software gathers important customer data to better manage calls. And, it can provide fast identification and rapid response to your most valuable callers. Call recording software relies on access to key interaction data usually stored in your CRM such as call routing attempts and self-service completion rates to better understand and improve the customer journey.

There are few types of routing tools that can be used in the contact center. The first is ACD, or automatic call distribution routing. ACD routing sorts incoming calls and routes them to various destinations. An ACD is invaluable in managing large volumes of calls, helping contact centers direct thousands of inquiries to the most appropriate destination. 

Intelligent routing lets users qualify and route inbound calls and callbacks to different resources in the contact center based on conditional logic and specific customer attributes. For example, contact centers can easily segment callers and route high-priority customers to more experienced agents. Additionally, low-priority customers can be pushed to self-service, off-shore agents, or lower-skilled agents such as recently trained agents. This solution provides unprecedented control over the call workflow, improving the contact center’s performance and the customer experience.

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