Business Cloud Phone System

What is a Business cloud phone system?

Business cloud phone systems are phone networks that companies use to make and receive calls. They are called cloud-based phone systems because they are hosted on an online server and use the Internet to make and receive calls. This is possible through VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol.These virtual phone systems are an alternative to on-premise phone networks. On-premise phone networks, also known as PBX, consist of hard-wired telephony systems installed in an office or building. Many companies opt to install cloud phone systems because they are much less expensive than on-premise setups. They are also easier to maintain. Business cloud phone systems offer features such as voicemail, caller ID, call recording, and IVR. Cloud phone system companies provide their services to businesses in exchange for a monthly fee. Call centers are one of the most common types of businesses that implement business cloud phone systems. This setup is useful for call centers because business cloud phone systems allow agents to logon and work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

With on-site phone systems, agents must be in the office to perform their job. The rise in popularity of remote work has resulted in many call centers opting for virtual business phone systems to give agents the ability to work from home. Unlike on-premise networks, maintenance and trouble-shooting is simpler for business cloud phone systems. Troubleshooting cloud phone systems requires a phone call to the provider’s tech support line. On-premise systems usually require a scheduled visit from a phone network repairman, which can result in a loss of productivity.

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