Bulk Email Marketing

How to use email to text. Definition of Bulk Email Marketing
What is Bulk Email Marketing?

Bulk email marketing is a strategy that involves sending an email to multiple recipients at once. Call center sales agents use bulk email marketing to deliver an advertisement about their company’s products or services. It’s fast and convenient, helping agents maximize their productivity. This method saves a significant amount of time by eliminating the need to type out different email addresses one-by-one. Instead, bulk email marketing reaches thousands of people with one click. 

There are several ways to conduct a bulk email marketing campaign. One is by using a targeted approach through list segmentation. Agents can segment a list of desired recipients through their email marketing platform. Their platform is typically connected to a separate data source that houses customer information. Some email marketing tools are already integrated into a CRM, so it already has access to customer contact information. There are also standalone email marketing applications that require users to upload a spreadsheet. 

Users can identify certain customer traits to filter from their database or spreadsheet to create a new targeted list. For example, if an agent would like to send an email announcing a new product to former customers, they could apply filters that exclude current customers to create a new email marketing list. They’d then use that list to send a bulk email. A bulk email message should be concise and feature a strong call to action. The email subject line should be free of “spammy” language such as, “Click Here!” in order to avoid damaging the sender’s email reputation score. The email body should highlight the value of the product or service advertised and include any other pertinent information. 

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