Automated Ticketing

What is Automated Ticketing?

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What is Automated Ticketing?

Automated ticketing refers to the creation, tracking, and management of digital records, or “tickets,” for each customer interaction or issue. Automated ticketing is a cornerstone of efficient and effective customer service in contact centers. By automating the ticketing process, contact centers can optimize their operations, provide superior customer experiences, and ensure that issues are resolved promptly and accurately. This technology not only benefits customers but also contributes to improved agent productivity and overall contact center performance.

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Ticketing Software for Call & Contact Centers | LiveVox

Empower agents to manage service escalations with universal issue tracking across all departments and channels linked together in one view. Our ticketing software makes it easy to manage and respond to customer needs, no matter how many.

A Guide to IT Ticketing Systems for Call Centers – LiveVox

The automation capabilities within an IT ticketing system are seemingly endless. IT ticketing software gathers customer requests from multiple sources and uses this information to optimize the customer support experience. When a customer raises a request on their preferred support channel, the software automatically pulls the necessary information in and creates a ticket. Depending on which departments and agents are needed to address and resolve an issue, the system notifies the appropriate parties. Automation makes it easier to address tickets in order of priority.

Ticketing System Definition & Free Call Center Resources (

A ticketing system is a software solution that helps customer support agents manage support requests effectively. It helps agents manage each incident, from the moment it’s submitted through the time it’s resolved. A ticketing system boosts your company’s IT support by keeping it organized and optimized.

Email Ticket System: Definition & Free Call Center Resources (

Email ticket systems contain custom fields that outline the specific issue details required to resolve an issue.. These systems may also prioritize support requests based on field data and route them to the appropriate agent. Agents can then pull up each email ticket and learn more information about the customer. They can view their contact history and important context to the problem. After the issue is resolved, agents close the ticket and mark as done.

Did you know?
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