Automated Outbound Calling

What is Automated outbound calling?

Automated outbound calling is a process that call centers use to increase agent efficiency when making outbound calls. Dialer software is used to make calls over the Internet from pre-selected lists of leads or accounts. Agents who work in account-based structures can use automated outbound calling to reach out to their customers or leads. Call center agents also leverage automated outbound calling to reach a large number of customers in shorter periods of time. Automated outbound software usually offers various functionalities. For example, outbound dialers could operate as manual dialers, essentially only acting as a virtual dialpad agents use to call customers. One step up from this is click-to-call. Outbound dialers allow agents to click on phone numbers that appear as a hyperlink (usually on a CRM) to launch the dialer software and make a call.

Agents can also use automated outbound calling to make back to back calls, which is known as progressive dialing. They might use this in various settings, such as sales or debt collection. Agents can use pre-selected lists of phone numbers for the dialer to call. Automated outbound dialers can also be set up to disconnect if they reach a voicemail or busy signal, further increasing agent efficiency. As soon as the line is disconnected, agents are connected to another outbound call. Predictive dialing is another type of outbound dialer. It works by assessing a call center’s live agent availability, call volume, and other factors during a given period of time to maximize the number of outbound calls it can make at once. Once a customer answers, they are connected to the next available agent. It can also route customers to agents based on skill level, which would be determined according to the complexity of their needs.

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LiveVox provides built-in compliance controls that help you limit regulatory exposure, so you can more easily address outbound rules spanning TCPA, CFPB, STIR/SHAKEN, and others. Ever since the Supreme Court’s Facebook v. Duguid decision in April 2021, four separate courts have ruled that our Automated Dialing System is not an ATDS (4-0 record).

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An automated dialing system works by automating the process of making phone calls and sending text messages. The system will typically have a list of phone numbers that it will call or text. When the system makes a call, it will automatically dial the number and play a pre-recorded message. The system can also be configured to send out automated text messages. This feature is often found as part of a larger call center phone system.

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efficiency and cost-per-contact are a priority. Power dialer. Power dialers work by dialing numbers for agents as opposed to agents dialing out themselves. The seconds saved from not needing to manually dial out during each call results in a significant amount of time when added up. Using a power dialer is not as fast compared to the other two types of dialers. However this is intentional.

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