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An answering service call center takes inbound calls for clients that need customer support when they are unable to answer calls. Clients such as doctor’s offices, legal firms, and financial companies opt for answering services because they often have their customers reaching out to them at all hours of the day. They hire answering services to avoid missing important calls. Agents who work at answering service call centers can take messages on behalf of customers that call in. Sometimes callers may need to speak to their doctors during an emergency. Answering services can reach out to doctors or other clients to let them know that a patient is experiencing a medical emergency. They can connect the patient to the doctor or provide the doctor with details so that they can call them back.

Answering service call centers operate similarly to other customer service-focused call centers. However, their main focus consists only of taking and relaying messages. Answering services can also offer clients different kinds of support. Some can take calls 24/7. Others may only answer calls up to a certain period of time after a client’s closing hours. Most offer customizable services. Some answering service call centers also act as support for other call centers that need assistance for heavy call volume days. Answering service call centers can use pre-written scripts to make sure that clients’ customers are receiving a consistent style of service aligned to their brand. Answering service call centers may also operate as an omnichannel answering service. Now that many companies give customers the ability to reach out via email, SMS, and chat, answering services have followed suit. Answering service agents can interact with customers through most types of inbound communication.

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