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What is a AI Call Venter?

An AI Call Center (Artificial Intelligence) focused call center is a telecommunications company that uses AI to assist in various related call center operations. At its core, a call center’s purpose is to make and receive a high volume of calls. Agents are staffed for different roles such as customer service, tech support, surveying, and appointment setting. Call centers powered by AI have many of their processes automated. Some common AI examples include speech analytics, virtual agents, and chatbots. With speech analytic tools, call center leadership is able to analyze interactions between agents and customers with accuracy. The speech analytic tools use features such as Machine Learning and NLP to understand and transcribe what customers and agents are saying. 

Speech analytic tools are also used to enhance IVR systems. These tools are able to better distinguish between human voice and background noise. AI also enhances self-service options for customers. Chatbots can be programmed to respond to common customer questions. They can also accurately route customers to the right department to connect with an available agent for help.Virtual agents powered by AI can hold natural-sounding conversations with customers over the phone. They can perform verification processes, provide customers with account information such as tracking numbers, and take payments. Thanks to various integrations, virtual agents also improve the customer experience through personalized interactions. When customers call or text a company and reach a virtual agent, their phone number can be automatically verified through a CRM. This allows the virtual agent to immediately recognize the customer and address them accordingly. The virtual agent can also access the customer’s account information in a CRM to provide thorough support.

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Pre-integrated AI bots or BYOB. LiveVox’s pre-built integration with Speakeasy AI means you can get started with less effort and uplift. But because we’re vendor agnostic, we can also easily integrate with your preferred AI partner of choice, provided they have an SIP connection.

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The AI call center unifies data. Unified data connects all data from separate systems in one centralized place. It enables disparate systems to communicate with one another and allows us to make meaningful connections between data from different sources. Because of this, it’s the foundation upon which your customer service AI capabilities are built.

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The modern call center is omnichannel, meaning support is available via several different platforms. An omnichannel structure helps you meet the customer where it’s most convenient for them, powering positive experiences.

One of the challenges of an omnichannel approach, though, is that it’s rare for volume to be distributed evenly across channels or agents. Artificial intelligence can help alleviate the imbalance.

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