July 18, 2022

Get Ready for the New Era of Customer Experience: A Ventana Research Viewpoint

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Get Ready for the New Era of Customer Experience: A Ventana Research Viewpoint

Fundamental shifts in the agent’s role within the customer journey and customer experience, evolving customer behaviors, and the increased flow of customer data is shaking up the CX landscape.

The bar has been raised to deliver more proactive, convenient service that strikes the perfect balance between speed, quality, and customer effort.
In this article, Keith Dawson, VP & Research Director at Ventana Research, explores the shifts that are driving the need for next-level customer experiences and shares best practices you can use to help your contact center stand out in the competitive CX-driven market. Below we’ve summarized the viewpoint, download the article in full for best practices.

A new era of CX

Customers are behaving differently. Agent’s jobs have changed. The amount and flow of data circulating in the contact center has increased. In this new era of customer experience, there are two big priorities organizations should be focused on: digital enablement and data unification

Contact centers need to get creative with how they differentiate themselves and double down on customer insights. With shifts in customer expectations, there’s more pressure than ever to really deliver for your loyal base of repeat customers. This requires an understanding of who that base is made up of (customer segmentation), what their preferences are (digital, self-service, AI), and what kinds of multidirectional journeys need to be laid out in order to keep them coming back.

Get Ready For the New Era of Customer Experience: A Ventana Research Viewpoint

How should your support platform accommodate these changes?

The future of customer engagement requires an updated platform that accommodates multidirectional digital journeys and adds new ways for agents to provide value to customers and to their organizations. 

The new basics for contact centers start in the cloud, with a modern CCaaS platform that connects the center’s communications with the systems used by the rest of the organization. Contact centers can no longer afford to be separate and siloed operations.

Many contact centers overlook the key role that customer service processes play in gathering essential information streams for the rest of the business. CCaaS platforms provide the connective tissue for both front and back office operations, making it easy for agent’s to track the status of an issue across every stage and department no matter what channel the issue was raised on.

Fragmentation is out, focus on end-to-end support

Each new channel and application addition magnifies the challenge of maintaining a unified experience for both customers and the agents that serve them. At the root of the problem is disconnected data. The interaction that occurs between a customer on an email string may not be accessible to the agent when speaking with the same customer. This disconnect also makes for redundant interactions that require customers to rehash the same issue over and over. 

The solution for the new era of customer experience starts with universal customer profiles that let an individual’s contextual information follow them from channel to channel, reflecting the multidirectional nature of how today’s customer expects to be supported.

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